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Winter is here, which means scheduling an inspection with one of our glass specialists ensures that your windows are in good condition during the winter season. your home for the dropping temperatures. Preparing your home for winter will not only help keep you and your family comfortable, doing...Read more

Cracked or cloudy windows are a spooktastic effect for Halloween. But, broken panes make for frightening energy bills as spine-chilling temperatures get closer. The experts at Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver perform the glass repair and maintenance you need to get rid of goosebumps this winter...Read more

Keeping your auto glass in good working order is a key component of vehicle maintenance. Regardless of the length of time passengers are riding in the car, you want to keep them safe at all times. A small crack in the rear windshield or back seat side window may not seem like a big deal. However...Read more

The end of summer is a great time for businesses to spruce up. As you look at the best way to spend that end of year budget, Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver invites you to check out the benefits of our variety of window tint options. Window tint is an inexpensive way to create a new look on...Read more

There’s nothing more rewarding than personalizing and renovating an older home! In addition to the savings you realize when you invest in an older home versus newer architecture, there are many aesthetic benefits of buying a historic home.

Researching your home’s ownership is fun and...Read more

School’s out for summer! In addition to driving more cautiously, homeowners are “child-proofing” areas frequented by active youngsters. Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver wants security for children and pets to be a priority year-round, and we have glass treatment tips to ensure your environment...Read more

The housing market is extremely competitive. According to, the first step in selling your home is to make it as attractive as possible by updating certain key elements. Prospective consumers are interested in functional aspects, such as insulation factors and the age of the roof, as...Read more

Spring has officially sprung, and while most people are happy to see the return of fresh green plants and blooming flowers, for some people this means the return of allergies after a long winter break. If you're thinking of simply staying indoors to avoid your allergy aggravators altogether,...Read more

Even if your old windows aren’t looking or performing their best, you might be tempted to delay having them replaced. Don’t wait, upgrading your windows will let you reap five substantial benefits:

1. Greater comfort

New double pane windows will help increase...Read more

Glass Doctor of North Vancouver shower door installation

Create an entirely new washroom environment for your home with the help of Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver. Our specialists bring to the table many years of combined experience performing both remodeling and new construction projects. Installing beautifully ornate glass shower doors...Read more