Windshield Repair and Replacement

If your vehicle has windshield damage, it's more than simply a cosmetic issue. Your windshield is a vital part of your vehicle's safety equipment, providing structural integrity and helping keep occupants safe in the event of a crash. That's why it's important to have your windshield glass repair or replacement performed as soon as possible by trained professionals. Trust the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Michigan to do the job according to the industry's highest standards.

Professional Windshield Glass Repair

We have the training, tools and expertise needed to handle windshield glass repair work. Our specialists will determine if your windshield can be safely repaired or if replacement service is your best option. If windshield repair is a viable solution, we'll always opt for this lower cost service. To determine the best care for your windshield, our specialists will consider:

  • The size of the damage: Generally, chips that are larger than 3/8 inch and cracks longer than three inches require a replacement.
  • Location: Damage that impairs the driver's field of vision usually necessitates a replacement, since even the best repair may leave a faint outline in the repaired area. Cracks that have spread to the edge of the windshield also generally require a replacement.
  • Age of the damage: Fresh chips or cracks may be easier to repair. Over time, dirt becomes embedded in the damage, making an effective repair more difficult.

Windshield Repair

Glass Doctor of Michigan is proud to provide quality windshield glass repair. After reviewing the damage, if a successful repair is possible, we'll recommend that service. Windshield repair service will result in:

  • Faster service: We're able to perform most windshield repairs in under an hour. Best of all, these services can be completed anywhere, so you needn't bring your care to our shop.
  • Lower cost: It's cheaper to fix the damage rather than replace the windshield. In addition, many insurance companies will waive your deductible and cover the cost of a repair.
  • Environmentally beneficial: Due to the way windshields are constructed, repairs keep your windshield out of a landfill.

If an effective repair is possible, our specialists will start by removing dirt and debris from the chip or crack. We may also use a drill to create a clean pathway for the special repair resin we'll use. This resin is carefully and precisely injected into the chip or crack. It's then cured and polished to a clear finish.

Windshield Replacement

If a windshield replacement is needed, we'll follow Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) recommendations for procedures and materials. The highest degree of professional care is crucial because a shoddy work could cause your windshield to unexpectedly pop out when you least expect it.

Our specialists will take the following steps to ensure a safe replacement:

Removal of the windshield: We'll carefully remove your existing glass, taking care to avoid damage to your paint and bonding surface. This type of damage may cause your windshield to leak.

Selecting a new windshield: We'll use original equipment manufacturer quality glass, which saves you money without sacrificing quality.

Placing and securing your new glass: We use only AGSC-approved adhesives to secure your new windshield.

Adhering to the drive-away time: Depending upon the materials used in the installation, your new windshield may need to bond for an hour. We observe the appropriate amount time to guarantee a solid bond.

Reviewing your guarantee: We provide our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee at no additional charge with each windshield replacement. If your windshield is damaged within 12 months, we'll fix or replace the glass for free.

If your windshield has been damaged, contact Glass Doctor of Michigan today. Our mobile unit will respond to you quickly, and we'll work with your insurance company to make the entire windshield glass repair or replacement process is as easy as possible for you. When you choose to work with our team, you'll soon be back on the road, secure in the knowledge that your windshield is restored.