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Door Closer Repair Service

Your entryway door says more about your business than you think. When your doorway is well-maintained and easy to open, it welcomes your guests and offers a positive first impression. At Glass Doctor® of Michigan, we provide the professional door closer services you need to give your customers a warm welcome. We perform door closer repair, maintenance, upgrades and a variety of professional services to keep your entryway operating smoothly.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers allow guests to open and close your heaviest doors with little effort. When your closer functions correctly, your door glides open and closes quietly. A malfunctioning closer makes entering your business more complicated. Jumpy, hesitating movements may present a safety hazard.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Glass Doctor of Michigan specialists perform professional door closer repair and maintenance and a comprehensive selection of commercial entryway services. We repair and maintain your existing doors, door glass, hinges and windows. When you're ready for a new look, we remodel your entire storefront. Our quality parts and professional workmanship won't jeopardize your warranty. Trust our team to tackle common door closer problems.

Incorrect mechanism: It's important to install the appropriate closer. It should always be selected based on its anticipated workload. If your door is heavy, your closer must be durable with a strong spring. A lightweight closer on a heavyweight door causes a range of problems. Incorrect closers lead to door and frame damage, misalignment, and safety issues.

Poorly installed and adjusted closers: An improperly installed or adjusted door closer causes door and frame damage, erratic door movements, and door misalignment. To ensure proper installation, we take care to install the right door closer with the right tools. We adjust the mechanism for optimum performance. During maintenance inspections, we also examine your existing door closers for installation or adjustment problems.

Seal and lubricant leaks: As your door closer ages, seals and O-rings deteriorate, and screws loosen. They cause oil leaks, gaps, and closer malfunctions. Regular maintenance allows us to identify these and other conditions early. We repair them before they cause major problems or injuries.

Difficulty locking doorways: Door locking difficulties increase the potential for trespassing, break-ins, and other criminal activities. Forcing your lock to engage damages your door, lock plate, and door jamb. The physical exertion could also cause injuries. Our specialists repair or replace worn or broken locks to reduce these safety and security hazards.

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Greeting guests with your best first impression is important. We make it possible with our professional door closer repair, maintenance, and new entryway installations. Schedule your free consultation today; call us at 888-516-8133 for more information.