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Custom Mirrors

Glass plays many roles in the modern home, especially when you invest in custom installations that elevate your family's indoor spaces. At Glass Doctor® of Michigan, we are proud to provide a variety of one-of-a-kind services, but some of our favorite installations are the custom glass mirrors transform our clients' homes. Take advantage of our high-quality glass and versatile customization options to design a custom mirror for your home. Our frames and finishes make it easy to complement your existing decor, but every custom mirror also provides a variety of practical and decorative benefits for Michigan homes. After the glass specialists at Glass Doctor of Michigan cut and customize your mirror, you will enjoy the benefits only custom mirrors deliver.

Open Up Small Spaces

Instead of settling for narrow hallways and small rooms, create the illusion of extra square footage with the strategic placement of custom mirrors. Our glass specialists will customize a floor-to-ceiling mirror that fits an entire wall and visually doubles the apparent width of your cramped hall. A custom framed mirror is also a great choice for a tiny living room because it creates the illusion of space behind your couch or fireplace while making a style statement for guests. At Glass Doctor of Michigan, we will even create a custom backsplash with mirrored tiles that open up your smallest kitchen surfaces.

Display Art from Every Angle

Our custom mirrors make it easier to maximize the impact of your favorite artwork and prized possessions. Hang a framed mirror across from a painting or photo, and your family will be able to admire it from both sides of the room. Mount a mirror behind your favorite sculpture, and every angle will be ready to appreciate. We also offer custom mirrored shelves to capture every dimension of your art.

Get Ready with More Accuracy

Perfect every ensemble with a head-to-toe look at yourself before you head out the door. Our custom mirror options include triple mirrors for walk-in closets, door-mounted mirrors, and a variety of styles and sizes to mount near your door. As you try on clothes in the morning or put on your coat before leaving, your custom mirror will prevent any missed buttons or stray hairs from interrupting your look. Your guests will also appreciate the addition of full-length or panoramic bathroom mirrors, which make it easier for them to get ready and feel confident during their stay.

Enhance Your Home's Lighting

Enjoy every ounce of natural light with angled mirrors near sunny windows. At Glass Doctor of Michigan, our specialists know how to use your glass mirrors to make the most of your current lighting conditions. We install mirrors at strategic angles to reflect and redistribute sunlight throughout your home. If your windows leave some corners in the dark, hang or place a custom mirror instead of wasting energy on artificial alternatives. We will also mount a mirror behind or below light fixtures to increase the reach of your electric light sources.

Elevate your Michigan home with a custom mirror from Glass Doctor of Michigan. Call us today to schedule your free consultation with a passionate glass specialist.