Save Space Use A Wall: Custom Floating Shelves In Your Home

If it’s elegance, quality and sustainability you are looking for when creating and installing custom floating shelves in your home, look no further than Glass Doctor. Our specialists will measure and custom cut a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your unique glass shelving ideas and designs.

Custom Floating Shelf Options

When choosing a project to install custom floating glass shelves, the options will seem limitless. Here are a few examples of creative ways to incorporate unique and clean shelving units with help from Glass Doctor experts:

In or Across a Window 

If you find yourself short on both storage and wall space, installing glass floating shelves across your windows or directly inside a window frame could be a great installation investment. These windows will serve as extra space for kitchen dishes or pantry items, decorative knick knacks or a great place to grow and maintain a beautiful indoor garden.

Make Use of Awkward Areas

Essentially every house has an awkward nook or recessed arch that glaringly represents a frustrating waste of space. By adding floating glass shelves, custom cut to fit the area, you are able to add dimension and style to the once empty space.

Wrap Around the Corner

When adding floating shelves to a hallway or room with an adequate amount of space, consider wrapping the shelf right around the corner and onto the other side. This creates a polished, modern look that will be decorated with books and pictures. Not sure if this is what you want? Consult with our glass experts. They are equipped to bring the best design options to life.

Use Every Corner

The floating corner glass shelves from Glass Doctor are more than sufficient in maximizing your use of space. These corners are great for displaying small items of interest throughout the home, and they are especially handy when installed in showers or tubs where they will be used to hold and organize multiple hygiene products.

Why Glass Doctor

At Glass Doctor we are dedicated to implementing our code of values in every interaction. This means we incorporate respect, integrity, customer focus and fun in all aspects of our business.

Flexible to your schedule, our team members will provide you with a professional in-home consultation. We are attentive to every detail of your experience. For example, before entering your home, service specialists wipe their shoes on special Glass Doctor mats, wear shoe covers while inside your home and remove excess glass and other materials upon departure.

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