Open Up Your Kitchen with a Sheet Glass Backsplash

Using a single sheet of glass as a backsplash is a popular design trend in home kitchen. Though glass tiles are lovely, sheet glass creates a style impact that also makes your kitchen seem larger and more full of light. Learn more about the sheet glass backsplash installation process and how Glass Doctor® can help.

Update your Backsplash from Tile to Sheet Glass

Glass offers endless possibilities without the expense of a marble countertop or replacement cabinets. Using a single sheet of glass as a backsplash is becoming more popular among many homeowners.

Which Wall is Best?

A backsplash runs between your countertop and cabinets anywhere in the kitchen. If your kitchen feels cramped or is low on natural light, a glass backsplash will have a big impact. Here are some tips for choosing the best wall for the backsplash:

  • Placing the glass backsplash across from a window will help reflect natural light around the room.
  • Glass doesn’t stain or mold, so it’s perfect behind the kitchen sink.
  • Sheet glass lights up a dark corner makes the kitchen look larger.

Remember if you already have tile on the wall, it will need to come down first so the surface can be prepped for the glass.

Choosing the Type of Glass

There are a variety of glass types to choose from when installing your sheet glass backsplash.

Frosted glass is elegant while colored glass is another great option. If you’ve got white subway tiles and stainless steel appliances, a black glass backsplash will make everything pop.

Painting Glass

If you like hands-on design and a little DIY, painting your glass backsplash gives you total control over the final look. If your kitchen is a neutral color, go bold with a turquoise glass or pop a black and white kitchen with a bright red glass backsplash.

Installing the Glass

When you work with Glass Doctor, we’ll come out to the house during an in-home consultation to discuss your ideas. Ask us any questions about size, measurement, wall supports, and installation and we’ll recommend the best custom solution for your current appliances and home.

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