Custom Steam Showers

Your home should be your sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind at the end of a long day. And what better way to relax than with a custom-designed steam shower?

A steam shower looks much like a regular shower, but is fully enclosed from ceiling to floor and outfitted with a steam generator. Adding a steam shower to your home is relaxing and may even provide health benefits.

The Three Custom Steam Shower Types

There are three key types of steam showers: 1) shower conversions, 2) custom-built steam showers and 3) steam shower suites.

  • Shower Conversion
    In general, modern standard showers can be converted into a steam shower with the installation a custom glass door, a steam generator and the addition of waterproof enclosure materials. Retrofit conversions may not work for older showers.
  • Custom-Built Steam Shower
    Custom steam showers are typically built from the ground up, allowing you to have total control over the materials, hardware and design.
  • Steam Shower Suite
    A steam shower suite may include other custom and spa-like fixtures like a deep tub, towel warmer, custom vanity and more. The possibilities are almost endless.

Converting your current shower into a steam shower is typically the least expensive option. But if you value having total control over the design, choosing a custom-built steam shower might be your best option. If your whole bathroom could use a facelift, it’s a great time to consider an ambitious steam shower suite.

Design Your Custom Steam Shower

A steam shower is multi-purpose. It can be used as a regular shower, or with the steam generator turned on.

All steam showers must include a floor-to-ceiling shower enclosure and a steam generator – but beyond that, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Homeowners may choose options including:

  • Custom Walls
    Wall options span from custom tile to all-in-one shower kits and even poured concrete. If the barrier is watertight from floor to ceiling, it’s an option for your custom steam shower.
  • Custom Doors and Enclosures
    Your steam shower may include a custom door or window outfitted with specialty glass types ranging from tinted to textured. Custom glass is an easy and affordable way to bring instant style to a steam shower.
  • A Steam Generator
    There are many steam generators available online and via your local bath and shower supplier. Whether you hire Glass Doctor® to build your custom steam shower or you build it yourself, weigh your options carefully. A bathroom or shower remodel is not an easy or quick job. Be sure to contract a reputable electrician, like our friends and fellow Neighborly® brand, Mr. Electric®, for safe generator installation.
  • Custom Finishes
    Steam showers are all about relaxation. To make your steam shower a home spa, consider adding a comfortable bench and think about options for sound (speakers), light (soft lighting to promote relaxation), multiple showerheads and even aromatherapy.

How to Build a Custom Steam Shower or Steam Shower Suite

Wondering how to build a custom steam shower? Your local Glass Doctor is here to help! A custom steam shower begins with a solid design. Taking into consideration your overall bathroom and steam shower goals, your local Glass Doctor will help you design a custom shower and decide on glass and enclosure options. We’ll also assist in the sourcing of all glass elements. Working with you or with members of your project team, our technicians will help to bring your vision into reality.

Let Glass Doctor Build Your Custom Steam Shower

If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom with a steam shower, it’s time to contact Glass Doctor. Schedule an appointment online or call 833-974-0209 today to learn more about steam shower options for your home.