Create Your Own Custom Glass Doors and Windows

Custom glass doors make a great addition to any home’s style and interior decor. At Glass Doctor®, we create custom solutions to design the perfect glass and mirror addition to your home. Call (855) 603-1919 to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our experts and review our custom glass door options.

Custom Glass Door Solutions

Decorating with glass will bring an elegant and clean look to your home. When used in the interior of your home, glass doors give the illusion of space and openness while allowing separation between different parts of the house. When used in the exterior of the home, the use of glass creates a contemporary look that feels warm and inviting to guests.

You can also upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom with a glass shower door and tub enclosure. We use high quality tempered glass to create beautiful shower enclosures that add a touch of luxury to your space. Additionally, we provide semi-annual inspections for your glass needs and review operation and deterioration levels of your doors. If needed, we will offer upgrades and maintenance.

No matter where you want to install your custom glass door, Glass Doctor will create the perfect addition to your home.

Why Glass Doctor

Since 1962, Glass Doctor has been offering comprehensive glass repairs, replacement and installation services to homes in locations across the United States and Canada. Our custom glass solutions extend beyond creating flawless custom glass doors. We provide our customers the ability to create their own unique glass and mirror decor with no additional charge.

Additionally, all our glass experts are certified by the National Glass Association (NGA) and are trained in handling, installing, and maintaining all types of glass.

Get Custom Glass Doors with Glass Doctor

With certified professionals just a phone call away, why not call on them for your custom glass door? Contact us today at (855) 603-1919 to schedule your in-home consultation.