Windshield Replacement & Repair in Ellicott City, MD

Your vehicle's windshield is an invaluable part of your car. In addition to preventing road debris from flying into your face while you drive, your windshield is also critical for your vehicle's structural integrity. If there is a crack or chip in your windshield, then your overall car is weakened. Even worse, your windshield becomes a driving liability, because a damaged windshield will obstruct your vision and runs the risk of suddenly shattering.

Even seemingly minimal damage to your windshield could compromise your driving safety. What's more, cracks will expand and chips will splinter over time. As such, it's critical that you get windshield chip repair soon after you notice the damage. Glass Doctor® of Ellicott City will restore your windshield so you can drive safely again.

Windshield Repair

If your windshield is damaged, Glass Doctor of Ellicott City specialist will always seek to make a repair first.

Advantages of Windshield Repair


Repair is your least expensive windshield restoration option.

Insurance benefits

Most insurance companies understand the importance of the windshield for driving safety, and will fully cover the cost of a windshield chip repair as a result.


In most cases, your windshield repair will be complete in about an hour.

Environmentally friendly

Because windshield repair prevents you from having to discard a large sheet of glass, it's the most environmentally friendly windshield restoration option you have.

Windshield Repair Process

Glass Doctor of Ellicott City practices highly efficient windshield repair. First, the site of the damage is thoroughly cleared of debris. In some cases, a small hole may be drilled to ensure a seamless repair. Then, a glass specialist will apply a specialized repair resin to the site of the damage. After about 30 minutes of curing time, your vehicle will be safe to drive once again.

Windshield Replacement

In some cases, your windshield damage may be beyond repair. This is determined by three factors:

Damage location

If a crack is directly in your line of sight, the damage is considered irreparable. This is because even a repaired windshield will have some visual distortion at the site of the damage. When directly in your line of sight, this distortion is a serious driving hazard. Also, cracks at the edge of a windshield immediately compromise its entire structural integrity. This demands an immediate replacement.

Damage age

Even if the damage doesn't expand, windshield chip repair may be impossible if you let it sit for too long. Windshield damage gathers debris over time. This debris will eventually clog the site of the damage so badly that it's impossible to use a repair resin.

Damage size

The larger a crack or chip, the less reparable it becomes. In most cases, chips wider than 3/8 an inch and cracks longer than three inches will require a replacement.

Windshield Replacement Process

Your windshield will be replaced according to Auto Glass Safety Council™ standards. First, we will acquire a replacement windshield that matches or exceeds the quality of your original factory windshield. Then, your glass specialist will carefully remove the broken windshield. Your new windshield will then be installed and sealed. After the installation adhesives have had time to dry, you will be able to drive your car again.

Windshield Guarantee

Your windshield replacement will come with the Windshield Protection Plan. With this, you will get unlimited windshield repairs and one full windshield replacement for damage caused by normal road hazards. This free protection lasts for a year after your replacement.

Exceptional Glass Care

No matter which type of auto glass service you need, we will deliver professional care. Contact Glass Doctor of Ellicott City today!