Door Closer Repair Service in Ellicott City, MD

The quality of your door is literally one of the first impressions of your business your clients receive. Keep it in working order with the help of Glass Doctor® of Ellicott City. We provide manual door closer care and repair to make sure your door is safe for your customers and staff.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer helps open doors, while saving customers from closing the door behind themselves. When a door closer is properly installed, you should feel a resistance when you first pull the door open, which indicates how heavy the door is. After this resistance, the door glides smoothly open. When you release the door, a spring in the door closer causes the door to gently return to its frame.

Door Closer Care

Our glass specialists always use the right tools to perform door closer care and installation. This maximizes your door closer's lifespan, and ensures that it's in great condition. We solve common door closer problems, so your business operates as it should.

Improperly adjusted or installed door closers: Having a skilled specialist perform your door closer care and installation is vital to the longevity of the door closer. This prevents misalignments, doorframe damage and unusual or unexpected door motion, which can be dangerous.

Incorrect types of door closers: A heavy door needs a strong door closer, with sturdy springs. If your door has the wrong kind of closer, this could be dangerous to your customers and staff. It could also lead to misalignments and damage to your door, its frame or its closer.

Seal damage and low oil levels: When your door closer's seal is damaged, this leaves the closer's hardware exposed and vulnerable. You may also notice an oil leak, which can indicate a mechanical problem such as a failed seal, a missing screw or a broken O-ring. Always have a professional add oil to your door closer. If your door closer is insufficiently lubricated, the door may open or close too quickly, which can harm the door or its users.

A difficult to lock door: If your door isn't locking properly, this is a severe security risk. It can also affect the health of the locking mechanism, the doorframe and the door's closer, over time.

Door Closer Maintenance

If you try to care for your door closer yourself, you may void the closer's warranty. Our glass specialists are carefully trained in door closer care, installation and repair. We'll ensure your door closer is in peak condition and safe for you, your staff and your customers. Plus, our glass specialists will service your doorframe, hinges, thresholds and other hardware, and we also perform glass repair and replacement.

Don't suffer through a potentially dangerous door closer. Contact Glass Doctor of Ellicott City today for premium care in door repair.