Windshield Repair

When your vehicle suffers windshield damage, making a choice regarding repair or replacement is often difficult. Glass Doctor®of Clovis, NM is able to make that decision easy for you. Our highly skilled glass specialists are experts in windshield repair and replacement. We make recommendations based on the professional standards set by the Auto Glass Safety Council to determine whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

Any windshield damage whatsoever is hazardous, and it’s vital that you don't endanger yourself or your passengers. Give Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM a call, and let us do the rest so that you remain protected on the road at all times.

windsheild repair

Excellence in Windshield Care

Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM operates as a proud member of the Auto Glass Safety Council, meaning that our team of carefully selected glass specialists work in accordance with their high industry standards on every single vehicle service we perform. Customer service and passenger safety are our immediate priority, and every member of Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM team is completely dedicated to providing the best service. We want our customers to feel comfortable and confident during any automobile work, which is why we guide you through every part of the windshield repair process.

It can be difficult to deduce whether your damaged windshield requires a repair or whole replacement. To make an informed decision, our team takes into account three factors: size, location, and time span.

  • In terms of size, if chips are larger than 3/8 inch or cracks are bigger than three inches long, a replacement is often necessary.
  • As for location, any windshields containing chips or cracks that interfere with the driver’s field of vision must be replaced. This is because most repairs leave faint marks, which could distract drivers.
  • Timespan refers to how long the damage has been. Any chips or cracks that are ignored for long periods of time will gather too much dirt and debris for a clean repair to be possible.

Windshield Repair

Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM specialists are highly skilled in windshield repair and use some of the most state-of-the-art equipment to fix your windshield in a way that prevents any chips and cracks from spreading. After removing debris from the damaged area, a special resin is inserted. A thorough polish is performed to make your windshield appear as good as new.

Our team will always seek to repair your windshield rather than replace it completely if possible because:

  • It’s More Convenient For You: Repairs often take less than one hour.
  • It’s Cheaper: Windshield repair costs significantly less.
  • Its Insurance Advantages: Insurance companies are often happier to cover repairs than whole replacements.
  • It’s Better For The Environment: Repairing your windshield keeps your glass out of landfills.

Windshield Replacement

Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM performs top-of-the-line, affordable glass replacements that restore your vehicle. When replacing your windshield, our team performs the following steps:

  • Careful removal of the windshield.
  • A windshield matching the original equipment manufacturer quality is used.
  • The new windshield is installed in a series of specific procedures all recommended by the Auto Glass Safety Council.
  • A one-hour drive-away time for passenger safety is observed.

The Glass Doctor Difference

Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM guarantees complete customer satisfaction. Simply bring in your vehicle, and our team will do the rest. From the initial assessment to the final paperwork, we'll carefully handle every aspect of your service. We also offer a Windshield Protection Plan, which entitles every customer to have a free repair or single glass replacement if their new windshield is damaged within 12 months.

For the very best in windshield repair and replacement, call Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM today at 505-219-4858. Our team is ready and waiting to professionally fix your vehicle and ensure your safety on the road.