Door Closer Repair Service

When customers walk through your door, they want to feel invited and comfortable. The harsh sound of a slamming door immediately puts them on edge and ruins your chance to make a great first impression. Glass Doctor® of Clovis, NM, installs a selection of door closers sure to meet the needs of your business. The Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM, team will support our commercial clients with continuing door closer repair and maintenance services that provide your business with safe and quiet doors.

Door Closer Benefits

Door closers control the speed at which manual doors close. The swinging arm eliminates the sound of slamming doors, and protects the frame from damage caused by a door closing too quickly. A door closer is an essential addition to your business to ensure a good customer experience.

Issues With Door Closers

Door closer repair become necessary over time or because of an improper installation. Door closers suffer from issues like:

Incorrect Fit

When you install a heavy duty closer on a lightweight door, the door remains open far longer than you want. Doors open for too long allow unconditioned air and outside noise to enter your building. A closer that is too light can cause misalignment and frame damage.


Misalignment happens when your door drifts out of the center of the frame. An improperly installed door closer may cause your door to sag or come out of alignment while the door is in operation. A door that is out of alignment will cause damage to the frame, leave unsightly gaps and make it impossible to get a tight seal on your door. In a worst case scenario, the door is so out of alignment that the locks no longer fit into their socket, leaving your building vulnerable to intruders.

Seals and Lubrication

Dry New Mexico air stresses the seals on your door closer, which leaves the internal parts open to the environment. Over time, the exposure leads to a loss of oil in the mechanism and grinding in the door closer.

Door closer repair addresses the causes of lubrication loss. The Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM, team will inspect each part of your door closer, replace broken seals and o-rings, tighten screws and fill your lubricant to the recommended level.

Professional Door Closer Repair

Door closers can be expensive, especially for heavy doors. If you try to do the work yourself, you may void the closer's warranty. Our team of experts is highly trained, and will complete your door closer repair to the manufacturers specifications for the best use of the mechanism. Contact us to schedule your free consultation!