Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors create the perfect opportunity to enhance the beauty of every environment. They add personality and dimension to any room in your home. Glass Doctor® of Clovis, NM, specialists will enrich your surroundings with custom mirrors. Our specialists install custom mirrors to add presence, light and grand appeal.

An Assortment of Benefits

Custom mirrors add character to a room because of the variety of benefits they deliver. If space is limited, we can use mirrors to create the emphasis in an area. Mirrors in smaller spaces will give the space the illusion of depth and width, which tricks your mind to believe the area is larger. For dark areas, add a custom mirror to filter in natural light and create a warm glow that is inviting and comfortable.

Dimensional Appearance

Mirrored walls transform the observed size and scope of the dimensions in a room. Our glass experts have extensive knowledge and experience in crafting one of a kind look that pleases homeowners. The use of our mirrored walls and shelves improves the overall visual effect and enriches dimensional design.

Greater Light

Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM, specialists ensure dark areas are no longer a concern. Large custom mirrors, hanging mirrors and glass shelves create optimal illumination to end the gloominess a darkened space conveys. Placement compliments the light and enhances the reflective qualities that our glass mirrors draw into any room. Illuminating areas also conveys in the additional effect of safety. By illuminating darkened spaces, accidents are less likely to occur.

Broad Beauty

Mirrors can be made in a range of shapes and sizes to better suit your space. Add a mirrored backsplash to create a focal point in your bathroom or kitchen. Putting art amid reflective shelves to generate personality that the space never held before. With the use of glass shelves and cabinet facings, our glass experts accentuate areas and add a presence to portions of rooms never thought of previously. The sky is the limit when using glass mirrors in various creative and fashionable schemes. Our glass experts know how to implement the right look with our extensive line of products.

Pleasing Enhancements

Bordering a picture with our custom glass may heighten the details it contains. A framed mirror highlights the entrance of a home. With the use of mirrors, a room may be transformed into one that is bold, attractive and enticing with enhancements. Those little details make a room pop.

Extravagant Mirrors

Custom mirrors may be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and essentially any area in the home. Our glass experts design full-length masterpieces or customized mirrors to serve as statement pieces over a bed, fireplace or other piece of furniture. A foyer may become a grand entrance with the use of custom mirrors. Transform a bathroom into a beautiful retreat with bespoke mirrors. A floor to ceiling mirror helps create a focal wall in any room in the home. Customized mirrors provide a beautiful accent in addition to your existing decor by increasing its dramatic effect. Any place in the home is augmented easily with the use of customized mirrors.

Contact one of our skilled glass experts at Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM, to learn more about our unique glass items, including custom mirrors, glass shelving, glass tables and glass focal pieces.