What Is ADAS Calibration?

Interior of a car with a futuristic dashboard showing autonomous controls

With all the technological advancements of the last decade, your new vehicle could be described as a rolling computer. Thanks to cameras, radar, imaging software, and other sensors, your car, truck, or SUV has numerous ways it can help you navigate the road.

But when any of those cameras or sensors are damaged or misaligned, the system may malfunction. Vehicle owners may ensure their systems are operating properly by having the system recalibrated after a collision and after any work is done on the vehicle—including windshield replacement.

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First, What Is Driver Assist Technology?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are safety features embedded in your vehicle. You may already be familiar with anti-lock braking and cruise control, but in the last several years, auto engineers have developed and incorporated a whole new range of safety systems that allow you to be safer—and drive with less stress—on the road.

ADAS technologies include:

  • Drowsiness detection. By analyzing changes in steering behavior over long trips, this system sends a flashing coffee cup (or a similar symbol) to notify you when your drowsiness may be a safety hazard.

  • Heads-up display. Projecting your speed and other navigational information onto the windshield, heads-up displays allow you to keep your eyes on the road while collecting valuable information.

  • Adaptive cruise control. Taking cruise control a step further, adaptive cruise control keeps the pace you set but automatically adjusts your speed to keep a safe distance from other cars on the road.

  • Autonomous emergency braking. Also known as AEB, this system senses cars or objects around you, assesses their speed vs. your speed and alerts you if there’s a potential for a collision. If you don’t react fast enough, it will activate the brake to prevent a crash.

  • Lane assist. When activated, this system identifies the lane you’re in and notifies you if the vehicle is drifting, applying light torque to stay centered in the lane.

  • Blind-spot detection. With blind-spot assist, a light on your side-mirror(s) will turn on, notifying you that a vehicle has entered your blind spot. If you attempt to change lanes while the light is on, it will start to flash, and an alarm will ding. In some models, if the lane change continues, the system will apply heavier steering torque to bring the vehicle back into the lane.

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The Importance of Professional ADAS Calibration

Because some ADAS sensors are located near the windshield, it’s critical that they’re recalibrated at the time a windshield is replaced.

Your local Glass Doctor auto glass repair specialist employs advanced technology to calibrate your ADAS sensors after a windshield replacement.

When you choose Glass Doctor to replace your windshield, you can expect your technician to:

  • Windshield replacement: Your technician will replace your windshield with a new windshield that conforms to the standards set by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGRSS standard)

  • Pre-scan: Our technicians will assess the vehicle to determine if your camera and sensors are functioning normally. If not, the vehicle will need to be sent to a dealer for camera repair.

  • Calibration: Calibration is divided into two types, dynamic and static. Dynamic calibration requires driving the vehicle during the process, while static calibration requires the vehicle to be calibrated with a fixed target image in front of it at a specific distance.

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Why Do I Need Windshield Recalibration?

Because many of these sensors and cameras are installed behind to your windshield, replacement may temporarily misalign or reduce the effectiveness of the driver-assistance systems you rely on. ADAS recalibration services are necessary to ensure that the cameras, radars, computer imaging software, and other sensors are operating correctly. We use specialized ADAS calibration equipment to ensure your system is calibrated and functions properly post windshield installation.

Get Professional Windshield Recalibration Today

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems make modern driving safer and less stressful. To keep the sensors operating as intended, it’s necessary to have them recalibrated after your windshield is replaced.

You can trust and rely on your local Glass Doctor technicians for fast, dependable ADAS recalibration service. Call us at (833) 974-0209 or request an estimate online to get started.