Can You Repair a Bent Window Screen Frame?

Man wearing a blue shirt installing a window screen in a residential home.

The internet is full of how-to resources for fixing a damaged window screen frame, but the truth is, once a frame is bent, it can’t be adequately repaired to keep its original shape and maintain a tight fit within the window frame.

Learn why window screen frames can’t be repaired and how to better store your frames to avoid damaging them.

Why Can’t Window Screen Frames Be Repaired?

Before you waste time and effort on a DIY project that will leave you frustrated, understand the reasons why the pros at Glass Doctor don’t recommend window screen frame repair.

Bent frames:

  • Warp the shape: Screen frames are designed to distribute pressure from the screen material equally over the frame to hold the shape that allows the frame to fit correctly in your window and retain its shape to keep bugs out. After the frame has been damaged—even if you are able to contort it back into position—repair disturbs the pressure distribution and warps the screen’s shape.

  • Disrupt the tension: A screen has to stay tight over the frame to function properly. Sometimes, to adjust for the repair’s structural change to the frame, people try to loosen the tension for the material. However, a loose screen doesn’t keep bugs out and is vulnerable to more damage.

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How to Replace a Window Screen

A damaged window screen frame can’t be fixed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t repair or replace the damaged screen material. Whether it’s loose or torn, damaged screening is relatively easy to fix.

We offer screen repair and replacement services to ensure your window screens are secure and will stand the test of time.

To repair your screens our service profession will:

  • Carefully remove the existing spline (the material holding the screen material in place in the frame).

  • Unroll new screening and cut it to size.

  • Gently push the screen into the frame’s channel and press in the spline to fix the material in place.

  • Trim any excess material.

While this process sounds simple, it can be difficult to ensure the screen is in place and secure. We recommend professional service over DIY solutions to help ensure the longevity of your screens and frames.

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Window Screen Storage and Maintenance

Proper window screen maintenance is key to preventing repair and replacement. Because harsh weather—particularly snow and ice—can severely damage window screens, it’s important to store them during winter. We recommend the following process for storing screens.

  1. Clean the screens. Screens should be cleaned at least twice a year to keep them in good condition. Because it’s important to clean your screens before storage as well, you can make the process simpler and make one of the biannual cleanings when you remove the screens to store for the winter.

  1. Inspect for damage to the screen. When you take your screens out to clean or store for the winter inspect the screen for stretching or tearing. If necessary, you can replace the screen material.

  1. Check for damage to the frame. You will also want to look for any breaks, bending, or warping in the frame. If the frame is damaged, your screen won’t fit back in the window properly.

  1. Store in a clean, dry area. Whether in the attic, a storage shed, or wherever you find space to store your screens, make sure the spot is clean and dry. Storage spaces that are cluttered or frequently have things shuffled around can cause damage to your screens. You don’t want a tool to poke through the material or someone to bump into and bend the frame. Mold and water damage are also issues in damp spaces. You can layer newspapers or paper towels between the screens to absorb excess moisture.

  1. Store flat or upright. To prevent bending in the frame, make sure your storage space is wide enough to store the screens either flat to the ground or upright. Avoid storing them on their side or at an angle.

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Replace Your Busted Window Frames with Help from Glass Doctor

Once a window screen frame is bent, it can’t be sufficiently repaired. Proper maintenance and storage are key to the longevity of your screens and frames. For professional screen replacement services, trust your local Glass Doctor to assist you. Request an estimate online or call (833) 974-0209 to learn more.