Let’s Talk Glass with Mark and Laurel Miller: Emergency Board Up Services

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When you think of glass services, what immediately comes to your mind?  Most likely you think of broken windows, shower door installations and cracked windshields.  But what about emergency board up services?  Obviously, the sheer nature of emergency board up service is that this is the result of an unplanned event or circumstance that causes a threat to one’s safety and security. But before the panic and worry set in, Glass Doctor® can help board up the broken glass and help put the pieces back together.

Picture of Laurel and Mark Miller of Glass Doctor of Murrieta

Laurel Miller of Glass Doctor Murrieta explains,

Emergency board up service isn’t the most glamorous job in the world, but it’s certainly a valued service.

Glass Doctor:  Why is emergency board up service so important to consumers?

Laurel Miller:  It doesn’t matter if the emergency is caused by Mother Nature, an accident or criminal act, when emergency board up services are needed, nerves are frayed and a sense of security has been lost.  Our customers just want to feel whole once again. 

Glass Doctor:  Tell us about an emergency board up service call Glass Doctor Murrieta provided.

Laurel Miller:  A young mother of four small children called us one afternoon in an obvious state of shock. She had just returned from the grocery store and found her kitchen window shattered and her home ransacked.   We sent out our most experienced specialist to the home.  Not only was he a calming figure for the young mother, but also for her children.  He sat with the family and assured them that they were “buttoned up” safe and secure and that he would be back the next week to install a new window.  The mom called me a few days later to say thank you and that she appreciated the extra time our specialist spent with her kiddos.  It touched me to know we can and do make a difference.

Glass Doctor:  Do you have any tips or tidbits you can share?

Laurel Miller:  Keep the small things small.  Most importantly though, remember life is a banquet—don’t starve.  Take time to enjoy everything and everyone.  Take things calm and slow.

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