Increase Your Home Curb Appeal

Nobody wants to be “that” house on the block. You know the one. The house with an ol’ jalopy parked on the front lawn; two-weeks worth of newspapers littering the sidewalk and let’s not even mention the Christmas lights that are still hanging from six months ago. Not exactly giving that welcoming, curb appeal that invites guests to come on in and sit a while.

Curb appeal gives that all-so-important first impression. And we all know how important first impressions are. First impressions are especially important in home buying and selling decisions. If a buyer doesn’t get an immediate good vibe from the curb, the likelihood of an indoor walk-through diminishes.

Obviously moving the jalopy, picking up the papers and taking down the Christmas lights will immediately improve your curb appeal and increase your likeability factor with the neighbors. But what else can you do to put the finishing touches on your home? In other words, how can you put the icing on the cake?

How about installing IGUs to get rid of that annoying film and condensation on the windows? IGUs are a fantastic way to not only increase curb appeal but also increase your home’s value altogether.

Glass Doctor can absolutely take care of your IGU needs, but we also think there are a few other little things you can do to improve your overall curb appeal.

Install Outdoor Lighting
Supplementary lighting to walkways or trees adds a charming accessory as well as increased safety and security.

Power Wash Windows
Windows can take a beating from extreme weather. A good window cleaning will spruce up the outside and provide a better view from the inside. Bring on the sunshine!

Replace Gutters and Downspouts
Gutter systems that have peeling paint or rust spots give off a feeling of neglect.

Refresh Exterior Paint
A fresh coat of paint immediately gives a home a fresh, new look.

Clean Up Driveway
Grease stains in the driveway are kind of a turn off. Clean up grease, fill in cracks and kill weeds that keep the driveway from looking nice and clean.