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How to Clean a Glass Stovetop

The holidays are approaching fast, which (ordinarily) means holiday dinner parties, family get-togethers and even more baking and cooking! Keeping your glass stove top clean should be part of your regular kitchen cleaning schedule.

Wiping the stove top down after cooking will reduce the number of deep cleaning sessions needed – but sometimes a deep cleaning will be necessary. 

Read on to learn how to clean a glass stove top the right way.

First Things First: Glass Stove Top Cleaner

For standard messes and daily cleaning, many homeowners trust a standard glass cleaner like our proprietary Glass Doctor Glass Cleaner. For dried-on or stubborn stains, a combination of baking soda and dish detergent may be used to lift caked-on grime.

It’s important to be gentle with the stove top to prevent scratching, which can weaken the glass, cause problems with the heating element and make your glass stove an even harder-to-clean surface.

The Best Way to Clean Glass Stove Tops

The best way to clean glass stove tops? Follow our instructions: 

  1. Pre-Clean
    Before using any type of cleaner on a glass stove top, wipe away any debris with a dry cloth. If you come up against something really stuck, use something soft but firm to remove it. To do this, you can use a soft spatula or your fingernails through a rag or paper towel. Just make sure to avoid using anything that could potentially scratch your glass surface.
  2. Apply Baking Soda
    Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda across the top of the stove top.
  3. Prep Dish Soap
    In a bowl, mix dish soap with hot water. Soak a clean rag in the water and wring out any extra water.
  4. Apply the Rag
    Spread the rag out across the top of the glass stove top, cover the baking soda. Depending on the size of your rags, you may need to use multiple to cover the entire area of the stove top.
  5. Rest and Wipe
    Let sit for 20 to 30 minutes before wiping off the baking soda from the stove top with the rags. Use a clean, damp rag to wipe off any leftover baking soda.

For tougher cleaning jobs or stubborn stains, add a little hydrogen peroxide to the dish soap solution to help get the stove top clean.

The Don’ts of Stove Top Cleaning 

Now that you know how to keep your stove top clean, here are some helpful hints for what to avoid when cleaning your glass stove top:

  • Abrasive scrubbers: while it may be tempting to use a scrubby sponge or even steel wool to clean off those hard-to-remove stains, it’s best to avoid them. At a minimum, they can cause scratches on the stove top or even leave deep pits and grooves.
  • Too much pressure: A little elbow grease can go a long way when cleaning, but it could damage the glass stove top. Leaning and putting too much weight onto the stove top while forcefully cleaning it could cause the glass to break.
  • Too much heat: Never clean your stove top with cleaners while it’s still hot. Some cleaners can burn quickly, damaging the stove top.

Let Glass Doctor Fix Your Panes 

While most of our locations do not service glass stove tops, our friends at your local Mr. Appliance® can lend a hand. For everything else glass – from chipped windshields to custom glass doors – we’re here to help. Call Glass Doctor® at (833) 974-0209 or request an appointment online to learn more.