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Glass Doctor Recommends Investing in a Good Shower Squeegee

A frameless glass shower

Did you recently install a glass shower door? This upgrade makes a world of difference in your bathroom, both in terms of aesthetics and comfort. If you want your shower door to look like new for years to come, it’s important to buy a good-quality squeegee and remember to use it after every shower.

Hard Water Buildup on Shower Doors

According to a U.S. Geological Survey, about 85 percent of American homes have hard water. This means the water has a higher concentration of dissolved minerals, including calcium and magnesium.

One sure sign of hard water is a white, cloudy film that develops on your shower door. Over time, these mineral deposits can build up so much that you can no longer remove them. By this point, the glass is etched, and the door is permanently damaged.

Why Squeegee the Shower After Use?

The trick to preventing hard water buildup on your shower door is not to let water dry on the glass. Mineral deposits only get left behind when the water evaporates, so wiping the surface dry removes the minerals along with the water.

A squeegee is the easiest and most effective way to dry your shower door. Mineral deposits build up gradually, so you must remember to squeegee the shower after every use. Store your squeegee in the corner of your shower so you don’t forget to use it.

How to Properly Squeegee a Glass Shower Door

Using a squeegee on a shower door is easy! Start at the top left corner (top right corner if you’re left-handed) and drag the squeegee horizontally across the glass. Lift the squeegee and reposition it several inches below the starting point. A little overlap ensures you get every square inch. Squeegee all vertical surfaces to keep them shiny and reduce how often you need to clean the shower.

Types of Squeegees

Looking for the best shower squeegee to put these tips to good use? Here are some options:

  • Long-handle shower squeegee: This option makes it easy to reach high surfaces, so even your kids don’t have an excuse for not squeegeeing the shower door.
  • Lightweight shower squeegee: A plastic handle may be better than a stainless steel one for ease of use and to prevent tiles from cracking if you accidentally drop the squeegee.
  • Long, dual-blade shower squeegee: Don’t want to spend a lot of time squeegeeing the shower door? Long dual blades speed up the process.
  • Modern shower squeegee: A sleek, small, handle-less option may be best if you want your shower squeegee to blend in with the rest of your modern bathroom.

Treatments & Sprays to Complement Squeegee Use

A squeegee is quite useful by itself, but you can maximize the results by combining it with these treatments:

  • Spray cleaner: Products are available to help water flow off glass rather than sticking to it, which reduces mineral buildup. You can also spray the glass doors with shower cleaner after each use to minimize staining.
  • White vinegar: Once a week, spray the glass with white vinegar. Let it sit, and then wipe with paper towels to remove mineral deposits. Continue using a squeegee after each shower to minimize the need to clean.
  • Oven cleaner: If you’ve grown lax in your squeegee use and mineral deposits have taken over, spray oven cleaner on your shower door and let it sit for 30 minutes. Scrub and squeegee the residue away to restore the glass to its former glory.

For more useful glass cleaning tips, or to inquire about having a glass shower door installed, please contact Glass Doctor® today!

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