Getting Creative with Mirrors

Getting Creative with Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Who’s the most fabulous of all?

Well, you are of course.  Because you know without a shadow of a doubt that nothing good and exciting can come from a boring ol’ mirror simply nailed up on a wall -- hanging there, insignificant and without pizazz.  

Undoubtedly you do.  But just in case you need just a little reminder, we’ve pinned some incredible mirrors on our Pinterest page.  You won’t find anything boring there.  We’ve also listed few of our favorite ideas to help you spruce up your home with mirrors to ensure that you are, indeed, the most fabulous of all.

Let’s get creative with mirrors by…

…leaning a mirror against the wall.

There’s just something about a really large and bulky mirror that’s propped up leaning against a wall.  Depending on the frame, this leaning mirror can add an element of elegance or even funkiness that can’t happen when it’s actually attached to the wall.  Fabulous!

…making the mirror floor-to-ceiling.

Do you have a large window in your living area?  Now imagine the room with a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall across from the window.  The mirror will enhance the natural lighting coming in from the window.  Plus, it will make even the smallest of rooms appear larger.  Fabulous!

…creating a mirror collage.

So, you picked up some great vintage mirrors at an estate sale…now what?  How about creating a wall of mirrors with an eclectic mirror collage?  Who cares if the mirrors don’t match or coordinate with your decor – that will add to the charm and uniqueness of it.  Fabulous!

…calling your local Glass Doctor® for a custom designed mirror.

If you can’t find exactly what you want at the store or flea market, give your local Glass Doctor a call.  Together, you’ll be able to create the perfect mirror customized just for you.  Fabulous!

We would love to see your mirror fabulousness.  Post your mirror pics on our Facebook page, where all things fabulous come together.