How to Choose the Best Auto Glass Repair Company

It's happened to the best of us. You're listening to your favorite tunes while driving your car when the unthinkable happens: A rock hits your windshield.

Now you're on the move to find the best auto glass repair company — but how do you pick the one that's going to give you the best service? To give you a better idea, read on about the following topics:

Selecting the Right Service Professional

When it comes to choosing who's the best for the job, there is a right and wrong answer. Not every business is experienced or equipped to handle every auto glass repair need.

Here are some things you should look for when selecting technicians:

Are they AGRSS Certified?

Certification isn't required for auto glass repair technicians. That's why picking a certified expert can increase your odds of a better job. The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) is the industry's model for installation standards, best practices, and education opportunities. Having an AGRSS-certified professional by your side can make all the difference.

Does the business accept insurance claims?

Your insurance will typically cover the majority of your auto glass repair or replacement costs. Some insurance providers may even offer a lower deductible to repair small windshield chips or cracks. Filing a claim can cut expenses if the cost of your repair is higher than your deductible. Picking a repair company that accepts insurance payments will save you time and money.

Do they use quality auto glass products?

It's crucial that whichever service professional you choose uses the best products on the market, from auto glass to high-quality urethane adhesive.

Shops that use original equipment equivalent glass (OEE) are places to consider. This auto glass replacement will look identical to the one you had before.

In-Shop vs. Mobile Auto Glass Repair

We're all busy, and sometimes dropping the car off at your local repair shop is the best option. Or maybe you'd rather call a professional to come to you. Whatever predicament you're in, consider which option is best suited for you:

Mobile glass replacement: Service experts will come to whatever location is most convenient for you. Your technician will determine the amount of time the job will require based on the current temperature, humidity, weather, and other factors after they arrive.

For example, if your car is parked in a driveway or parking lot, weather may affect how long it takes to complete the work.

Experts will also advise what safe drive-away time is appropriate for you. Most cars will have to sit for at least 60 minutes before taking off.

In-shop windshield replacement: Bringing your car in may seem less convenient than having a technician come to you, but it reduces the odds of any weather-related events disrupting the job. Weather can impact the adhesives holding your windshield in place and affect drive-away times.

Our Auto Glass Repair Services

Don't let a broken windshield compromise the safety of you and your loved ones. Our specialists have the experience and tools needed to complete all your auto glass needs.

Some services we offer:

We also replace the following types of auto glass:

  • Door glass
  • Sunroofs and moonroofs
  • Quarter glass
  • Power window regulators

FAQs about Auto Glass Repair

How long does windshield repair or replacement take?

When completed by an experienced technician, windshield repair can take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete, on average. Meanwhile, replacing it can take from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

Should I worry about a small chip on my windshield?

Yes, even the smallest of chips can turn into large cracks that stretch across the length of your windshield. Call your local Glass Doctor to repair it as soon as possible.  

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