Home Window Tinting

Depending on the type of windows installed in your home, you may find that the sun causes rooms to increase in temperature. At Glass Doctor of Waco, TX, our home window tinting services give you an affordable way to upgrade your windows, improve your home’s energy efficiency and protect your belongings. In addition to windows, our glass specialists also apply tints to new and existing glass pieces, such as tabletops, shower enclosures, and doors.

Benefits of Home Window Tinting

  • Flexibility: Window tints come with various decorative features and in different textures, patterns and colors. Glass specialists can install tints on new and existing windows, and later remove them when you want a different look.
  • Increased home energy efficiency: Window tints minimize heat gains by reflecting the sun’s heat, which keeps your home cooler. When your home stays cooler, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures, which reduces your power bill. Similarly, in the winter, window tints minimize heat loss from within your home.
  • Less UV damage: Window tints are like sunglasses for your home, as they block and reflect up to 90% of UV rays that cause items to fade or discolor. Incidentally, the tint protects carpeting, drapes, wood, furniture, art and other cherished items in your home.
  • Added privacy: Use tints on the bathroom, bedroom and street-facing windows, as well as glass doors to keep neighbors from peering into your home.

Safety and Security

Security film looks similar to standard window tinting as it blocks UV rays and reduces energy exchanges. When you choose a dark-colored film, it gives you greater privacy and makes it difficult for would-be intruders to peer inside your home, but allowing you to look out.

Because the security film clings to the glass so well, glass shards are less likely to become dangerous projectiles during a home invasion or accidental window break. The film’s strength can hold shattered glass so well that it may thwart wrongdoers who want to enter into your home. During a strong storm, security film also provides extra protection against high winds.

Decorative Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Window tints are available in different colors and patterns to complement the decor in your home while looking just as great from the outside of the dwelling. Use frosted films in bathrooms for added privacy and dark tints in the living room to create the dark, intimate look of upscale windows. With the variety of tinting options available, you can turn your windows into works of art.

Sun Control

The home window tinting options available at Glass Doctor of Waco, TX have visible light transmission levels of 5 to 70%, which control how much sunlight enters a room. Some tints block UV rays by up to 90%, which protects your belongings and your family’s health. Home window tinting may also provide a solution to glare, which can make enjoying the view from a window or watch TV at certain times of the day difficult without closing the blinds.

Window Screen Installation

At Glass Doctor, we can help pick out the perfect window screen for your home. Home window screens can provide the perfect barrier to reducing cooling costs in your home, protect your family from nasty bugs, and provide you with safety and security.