Advance Measurement System

When windows, doors and other areas of glass are damaged on your commercial property, it’s important to get repairs done immediately. Broken glass jeopardizes customer and client safety. It puts your daily operations on hold until repairs are made and your building is safe again. We are known in the Waco, Texas, area for professional glass services and rapid response to emergency glass repairs. For local businesses, we offer our Advance Measurement system to ensure every repair is taken care of as quickly as possible.

We developed our Advance Measurement system as a business recovery plan for handling your emergency glass needs. To implement the program, our glass specialist surveys your commercial facility. During the inspection the specialist will measures all glass windows, doors and other features, noting special types and sizes. We document your glass specifications in a diagram, so business owners can easily access the pertinent information when an emergency arises.

Faster Emergency Repairs

When your business has a broken glass day or night, you simply check your diagram, find the glass item number and location and call Glass Doctor of Waco, TX. We either send a specialist with a matching pane or order your glass item based on the Advance Measurement information. No matter the status of your pane, we always immediately report to the business to clean up debris and perform any necessary board-up work. If we order the pane, we will return when we have your glass item in stock. We expedite the delivery, so your business will be restored as fast as possible.

When you sign up for our business recovery plan, you are given the option to join our In-stock program. We will keep your frequently replaced glass part in stock so they are readily available when you have an emergency. We also offer the option to re-establish credit and contact information to speed up the glass replacement process.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Convenience: We do everything in a single visit, so your business returns to normal as quickly as possible.
  • Risk Reduction: Fast repairs reduce your potential liability for customer or employee injuries.
  • Security: Restoring your building quickly minimizes your exposure to vandalism and theft.
  • Appearance: Single visit repairs eliminate board-up service.
  • No-Hassle: Pre-established credit and contact information minimizes billing issues and workflow problems.

Contact the Glass Repair Experts in Waco

Our Advance Measurement system makes glass business recovery plans quick and convenient. To get started or for more information, call 254-230-9591.