Industry Glass Services for Victoria's Commercial Businesses


Glass Doctor® of Victoria, BC provides full-service glass solutions and repair services for businesses of all types. Our Commercial Care program gives you access to priority after-hours response, commercial account creation, special membership pricing and discounted rates on emergency board-up services. As a member, you will also receive a 15% discount on all auto glass services called in by your property. Our specialists are available 24/7, so your business never suffers from the security risk of broken panes.

Glass Service for Businesses in Victoria

Apartments and Condominiums

Managing apartment or condominium complexes means dealing with frequent maintenance issues. Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC will repair and replace windows, patio doors, mirrors and glass shower doors. Our specialists will also partner with you to provide safe and attractive glass solutions for your pool and workout facilitates. As an additional benefit, your residents will receive a 15% discount for auto glass repair.

apartment windows

Schools and Universities

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC work will install, repair or replace all types of specialty glass for your school or university. From science laboratory and one-way observation glass to classroom windows and fire-resistant safety glass, our team will work closely with you to accommodate your needs. Showcase your achievements with a classic glass display case. Our team will also provide reliable service for your student and faculty living areas.


Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC offers a wide range of glass services for restaurants. Make your outdoor seating areas more luxurious with glass tabletops, windbreaks and partitions. Our specialists will also increase the comfort of your atriums with tinted glass. For your food service areas, our team will install or repair buffet sneeze guards, specialty glass and sliding drive-up windows. We will enhance your current design with updated glass or add a new dimension to your space with all-new glass fixtures.


Let your retail space shine through the clever use of glass. Our team will furnish your retail establishment with plate glass, display cases and low-maintenance panes. Our specialists repair glass doors and install dressing room mirrors and glass partitions. Update your interior with custom glass decor. We offer etched, beveled and stained glass solutions to add character to your shop. To ensure your safety, we also offer fire-resistant and bulletproof glass options.

Hotels and Motels

Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC will make your guests feel at home during their stay by installing wall mirrors, beautiful glass shower enclosures and decorative glass for your hotel or motel. For common areas and workout facilities, we offer functional safety glass options. Add tinted glass for improved privacy and energy efficiency.

Cities and Municipalities

Keep your city or municipality running smoothly by teaming up with the specialists at Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC. We will maintain your glass doors, closers and specialty glass. We will retrofit your current facilities or install glass solutions for new construction. Protect your property and staff with fire-rated and bulletproof glass. Our team also provides low-energy and low-maintenance glass to save you time and cost.

At Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC, we take pride in our ability to provide superior glass services and top-notch customer services for businesses in any industry. Call us today, We Fix Your Panes!