Advance Measurement System

Every business should have a plan for unexpected emergencies. Glass Doctor® of Stafford County, our Advance Measurement system gives you safety-related peace of mind by ensuring your employees, visitors and location are always safe. We do this through a proactive glass care program that allows you to pre-plan for damaged glass emergencies while keeping your business running with minimal disruption to workflow.

Business Recovery Plan

Preparing for emergencies is good business sense. How quickly your business responds to broken glass emergencies depends on the planning you do today. Not having a proactive glass care plan may lead to employee downtime, financial loss and, in extreme cases, loss of access to your place of business. With a comprehensive, proactive glass care emergency plan in place before disasters happen, your Caroline County business is protected in three valuable ways:

  • Your business location is protected against vandalism and theft, guaranteeing preservation of your building’s security.
  • You maintain the physical integrity and attractiveness of your business through professional repair and replacement of broken glass. You also avoid unsightly board-ups.
  • With all repair and/or replacement work completed in one trip, you save time and money.

How it Works

We begin our Advance Measurement process with a visit to your location. There, one or more of our highly-trained glass specialists performs a comprehensive survey of your current glass usage. The survey notes the size, type, and shape of each glass piece, which is given an identifying number. A detailed diagram is then created showing the location of each identified piece of glass.

When glass damage happens, simply contact us with the identifying piece numbers. We quickly bring the replacements needed, remove the damaged glass and insert the new pieces. In the rare instances that the needed pane is not in stock, Glass Doctor of Stafford County performs a thorough clean-up and temporary board-up. Our specialists then return to finish the work when the replacement panes are available.

In-Stock Program

Businesses with frequent glass breakage benefit from our in-stock program. Ask one of our experts to explain how this service keeps your panes at the ready for any emergency.

Every Stafford County, Bowling Green and Manassas business should have a glass emergency plan! Get ready now by contacting one of the experts at Glass Doctor of Stafford County to learn more.