Industry Glass Solutions

Whether you work in lodging, retail, food service, education, or any other industry, quality glass is essential to the success of your business. Insulated glass windows preserve the environment, glass cases and displays provide powerful advertising and protection, and decorated glass creates a beautiful environment inside your business. Glass Doctor® of Tri Cities in Pasco offers glass products for all of these purposes and more, as well as industry glass repair and replacement, upgrades, consultations, and other services. If you sign up for our commercial care program, you'll receive 15% off the cost of any auto glass repairs from your property as well as priority response from our window repair team, a commercial account, and discounts on a wide range of services. These deals are ideal if you operate:

Apartments and Condominiums

Quality glass is essential for tenants and owners alike. Make your apartments more beautiful by installing glass mirrors, table tops, sliding doors, and patio doors in all units. Installing insulated glass will allow you to increase sustainability while cutting tenants' heating and cooling bills. Glass Doctor of Tri Cities also offers glass for all gyms, pools, locker rooms, and showers on your property. If you open a commercial care account, all of your tenants will save 15% on car glass.

apartment windows


A restaurant is nothing without its ambiance, which is why we offer a selection of stained, tinted, and decorated glass windows and features. We also provide sneeze guards to make your buffets more hygienic, insulated and Low-E glass to make your business more sustainable, drive-thru winds, partitions, patio doors, and a myriad of other products. We're happy to upgrade existing features, install new ones, or provide quality industry glass repair for all forms of damage.

Schools and Universities

Ramp up school spirit by putting trophies, awards, and portraits in brand-new display cases from our team. Besides helping you remember past achievements, we contribute to new ones by providing science equipment, glass desks and tables, and observation offices. Our protective glazes and fire-rated windows will keep your students safe, and if you're concerned about broken glass, consider ordering tempered or laminated products. We also provide mirrors, windows, shower doors, and other features for dorm rooms.


There's no substitute for display window advertising, and with strong, beautiful windows and cases from Glass Doctor of Tri Cities, you'll have no trouble sporting your latest wares for all to see. If you sell clothing, we provide dressing room mirrors and partitions; if you deal in anything flammable, we offer a fire-rated glass to keep your customers safe. If any of your glass breaks, our industry glass repair team is standing by to restore your business.

Hotels and Motels

Let your visitors’ vacation in style by outfitting their rooms with the latest decorative glass windows and furniture. We can outfit your hotel with glass shower doors, insulated glass windows, and glass for pool areas, gyms, locker rooms, and other features.

Cities and Municipalities

A well-kept city building represents an efficient, orderly city government, so city authorities cannot afford to leave broken windows unfixed. Glass Doctor of Tri Cities in Pasco is always available to offer industry glass repair and replacement services for all municipal offices. Encourage citizens to be more sustainable by installing insulated and low-E glass windows, and keep your citizens safe by ordering laminated and tempered glass tabletops and safety-backed mirrors.