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Tri Cities

Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of the Tri Cities offers the Advance Measurement system as a way to include proactive glass care and replacement in your disaster preparedness plan. Our glass specialists will analyze the glass needs of your property and measure all of your glass windows, doors and specialty panes. A diagram that outlines your glass needs will be created, and all safety code requirements will be noted. The location of each pane will be numbered on the diagram. Every step of our program ensures a fast repair in the event of an emergency.

Quick Emergency Repairs

Contact Glass Doctor of the Tri Cities any time your glass breaks, day or night, and report the number of the pane indicated on the diagram. Our team will match the number with our in-stock options so that your broken glass can be repaired immediately, eliminating the need for temporary board-up. Your credit and billing information will be pre-established to make the process even faster. Our team of glass specialists prides itself on quick, thorough services and we aim to get you safely back in business, with minimal disruption to your operations.

In-Stock Options

If your business frequently deals with broken glass, Glass Doctor of the Tri Cities will pre-order replacement panes for you through our In-Stock program. This way, you’ll always have the glass you need, right when you need it.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Lower Cost: Your installation will be completed in one trip
  • Convenience: Your business operations will experience less interruption
  • Liability: The risk of customer injury is reduced
  • Security: You’ll prevent further exposure from theft and vandalism
  • Image: You’ll reduce the need for unnecessary board-up
  • Accounting: Pre-establishing your credit prevents billing conflicts

Keep broken panes from negatively affecting your business and save time and money with proactive glass care! Enroll in the Advance Measurement system today to ensure the fastest repair to your business.