Industry Glass Services for Olympia's Commercial Businesses

Upgrade interior and exterior security and appeal using professional commercial glass repair. Glass Doctor® of Olympia provides reliable glass management and maintenance services to local businesses regardless of industry. All companies receive expert repair, replacement and after-hours response to maintain a low overhead profitability. Our Commercial Care program includes discount board-up, glass disposal, membership pricing and complementary account setup. For maximum protection, we secure panes using industry best practices in every commercial glass repair. Gain complete customer satisfaction from our specialists today.

Glass Care for Every Industry

Apartments and Condos

Call on our experts to minimize your maintenance staff workload. We install energy-efficient windows throughout your property to prevent HVAC repair. Consider insulated glass panes to improve room heat retention without unwanted stress. Floor to ceiling mirrors provide fully functional and flattering additions to your onsite fitness center. Here, we use safety backing to prevent broken glass and potential tenant injuries. Every upgrade enhances your first impression on weekly apartment tours. Receive 15% off resident auto glass repairs as an added bonus.

Diners and Restaurants

Entice guests to enter your home using beautiful, custom glass. Glass Doctor of Olympia upgrades indoor and outdoor functionality with industry-trusted panes. User-friendly drive-up windows ensure smooth customer transactions, while tinted panels and atriums place couples into an intimate atmosphere. Likewise, glass tabletops and partitions allow for easy cleanup and reduce table-to-table noise for increased dining comfort. Our experts enhance your existing design or perform a complete glass renovation.

Schools and Universities

Keep your campus safe and beautiful with secure glass solutions. We improve student and staff living with new mirrors and shower doors or install elegant display cases to show semester achievements. For office and classroom safety, we provide one-way observation glass and for laboratory assignments. Ask about window glazing for cost-effective weather protection. We prioritize student-learning experiences through durable, trustworthy panes.

apartment windows

Outlets and Boutiques

Use glass upgrades to protect your business investments. Our specialists install bulletproof and fire-resistant storefront panes to prevent intrusions and weather damage. In addition, we optimize your interior design with custom cut mirrors and shelving. Draw customers to products with professionally beveled or etched finishes. Then complement your merchandise with gorgeous glass decor. We work closely with the owner and property manager to set your store apart.

Hotels and Motels

Welcome guests for week long or overnight stays. We increase lodging comfort and appearance with an array of glass decor. Custom shower enclosures give road-weary visitors the luxury they deserve, while strategically placed mirrors create a home away from home. For recreational safety, our specialists install reinforced safety glass in onsite pool and game rooms. Transform your hotel or motel establishment today.

Cities and Municipalities

Reduce operating costs in vacant or occupied residential and commercial buildings. Glass Doctor of Olympia offers low-emissivity (Low-E) windows and insulated glass units (IGUs) to cut energy expenditures. Low-E glass blocks harmful UV rays while IGUs use multiple panes to increase climate control support. Delegate your glass needs to our experts for new or old construction.

Set Your Glass Appointment Today

Serving Shelton, Lacey and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Olympia delivers reliable commercial glass repair and replacement. Call 360-456-6500 or complete an online service request to receive immediate expertise. We’ll schedule a convenient consultation to discuss your business goals.