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Storefront Doors

Glass Doctor® of Michigan strives to improve commercial storefront care for companies throughout the state. A positive storefront appearance helps to make companies successful, no matter the size or scope of the establishment. A storefront in good repair increases customers' interest in your business and helps improve profits. Count on Glass Doctor of Michigan to create attractive and safe storefronts with our business glass repair and maintenance services.

Commercial Storefront Care

Glass Doctor of Michigan keeps every aspect of your entryway in good repair. Beyond our normal glass services, we also provide door closer maintenance and interior improvements. Our specialists survey your building free of charge. We will create an action plan, plotting the best ways to improve your business.

Windows and Doors

Your display windows should be clean, attractive and appealing. Even tiny cracks can be distracting, and they can lead to bigger, more expensive repairs later. If you have condensation at the corners of your glass windows, not only does it reduce the aesthetic appearance of your storefront, you also may need repair or replacement to remedy your energy loss. Energy loss increases overhead costs. Consider which type of glass would work for your business:

  • Bulletproof
  • Decorative
  • Fire-resistant
  • Hurricane-impact for severe storms
  • Personalized panes
  • Tempered
  • Two-way mirrors

Security Film

To promote additional safety and enhance the appearance of storefront windows, Glass Doctor of Michigan recommends security film and window tint. This film coating has several benefits:

  • Blocks harmful UV rays that can damage your furniture, carpets, and employees
  • Can be tinted a variety of colors and shades for additional privacy or to complement your decor
  • Reduces glare to computer screens

If graffiti vandalism occurs, you replace the window film, not the glass. If breakage occurs, the glass shards are held together by the security film. This protects pedestrians and employees from harm.

Door Closers

Keeping entryway doors in good repair will improve customer care. Our Door Closer Repair service ensures your customers and employees can easily and safely enter and exit your business. Our professionals will regularly check the hardware and oil levels of your door closers to ensure there are no sudden movements that can cause harm to others.

24/7 Emergency Service

Emergencies don't wait for business hours, and neither does Glass Doctor of Michigan. Our team will secure your damage site as quickly as possible by cleaning the area of any glass shards and debris that could harm pedestrians. We then board-up the opening to prevent additional destruction from weather or vandals. We will return to finish our repair work, scheduling the repair to your convenience. If you're a member of our Advance Measurement program, we may be able to complete the repair in one trip. If you're an Advance Measurement client, your repair or replacement takes priority in the event of area-wide damage.

Glass Care in Michigan

First impressions matter. Your curb appeal should attract and interest potential customers, and they should have a feeling of safety upon entry to your business. Call 888-516-8133 or contact Glass Doctor of Michigan today to learn more about our commercial storefront care services.