Industry Glass Solutions

As a local business, partnering with Glass Doctor® of Michigan will result in a variety of benefits. Take advantage of our various commercial glass repair services, designed to enhance your establishment. We offer replacements and upgrades in industry-specific solutions along with custom services to meet your unique needs. No matter the industry you represent, joining our Commercial Care program will prove beneficial. Members have access to discounted services, priority scheduling and a commercial account setup. Trust our team to improve your business with quality glass care.

Commercial Glass Repair

Apartment Buildings

Attract new tenants to your apartments or condominiums with fresh glass in living quarters. Around your onsite pool and gym, we will replace mirrors and other features with safety glass or apply a safety backing to prevent accidents. When you choose Glass Doctor of Michigan for any commercial glass repair service, your residents will be eligible for a 15% discount on their auto glass. All of these services improve your establishment, which results in greater tenant satisfaction.

Bars and Restaurants

Glass will impact on the popularity of your restaurant. By upgrading glass in areas like the buffet, atrium, and drive-through, you enhance your image. Updating your image is simple when you work with the Glass Doctor of Michigan team. Our specialists can create an entirely new design, using decorative or plain glass. For outdoor features like partitions and tabletops, ask about safety glass options.

Schools and Universities

We create custom glass to meet requirements for schools or universities. Our specialists will work with you to design aesthetic pieces, such as display cabinets for accolades, or practical pieces, such as one-way observation glass for an office. Install fire-resistant glass in doors and windows to improve the safety and security of classrooms. Our glass services extend to school housing, including mirrors and shower doors to improve student comfort. Quality panes will reduce overhead costs, allowing more funding to go to students.


Draw customers to your business with a storefront that better reflects your business. Our experts are able to install a range of glass panes to improve various aspects of your business. To increase your marketing presence, add panes with company information etched into the glass. Inside your retail store, improve the shopping experience with new mirrors and glass shelves to show off your merchandise.


Infuse style into every room of your lodge with the addition of glass shower doors. Glass shower doors are luxurious additions customers are sure to enjoy. Use a few functional mirrors to brighten up the walls or upgrade windows to improve client comfort. We also add specialty glass to other areas of the building, including around the pool and in the entranceway.

Cities and Municipalities

Better glass in your city or municipality buildings will reduce maintenance needs and energy costs. Many city-owned buildings feature outdated panes, our team will install modern glass. We offer the option of adding specialty glass. Talk to our specialists to find out how fire-rated or bullet-resistant glass may be good options for you.

Quality Commercial Glass Care

For more information about our various commercial glass services, contact our team. We are happy to meet at your business to survey your building and determine the services that would prove beneficial. Improving your panes will better your business. Trust Glass Doctor of Michigan to serve your every glass need.