Auto Glass Care

A windshield crack or chip seems minor, but small areas of damage expand or spread across your field of vision. Left unrepaired, they obstruct your view of the road and reduce your vehicle's structural integrity. At Glass Doctor® of Michigan, we understand how minor windshield damage causes a safety hazard when you drive. We believe it's important to provide windshield repair and replacement and a complete line of auto glass repair services to keep your vehicle safe on the road.


Auto Glass Replacement

We never cut corners on any work we complete; we know your family is at risk if sub-par work is performed on your vehicle. Our specialists are trained to follow the Auto Glass Safety Councilª (AGSC) guidelines. This adherence to national standards ensures your car will be restored correctly.

Windshield Care

Your windshield is a crucial element of the structural integrity that protects you and your passengers during a crash. When minor damage spreads across your windshield, it endangers that protection. Our glass specialists understand that it's important to have auto glass repair completed as soon as possible. The process is simple and takes about an hour. We bring our repair shop to you, and we perform each job with attention to detail.

  • We use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and quality adhesives.
  • We take care to protect embedded sensors, antennas, gauges, and other technologies.
  • We submit your auto claim to your insurance company.
  • We make the glass repair process economical, so insurance companies usually waive your deductible.

Auto Glass Replacement

When we replace your back glass, side glass, quarter glass, or sunroof, we use only tempered glass parts. Tempered glass is five times harder than untreated glass. Its impact resistance plays a crucial role in protecting you and your passengers from harm. When a severe impact causes tempered glass to break, it forms into squarish chunks instead of dangerous shards.

Auto Glass Protection

When we replace your windshield, you drive away with our free guarantee. Our basic guarantee provides an added layer of protection which you may upgrade to give your new panes even greater protection:

G12 Guarantee: We repair or replace your windshield if it's damaged due to a road hazard within 12 months of your original replacement.

G12 Future Installation Option: For a nominal fee, we waive the cost of labor and materials not included in the basic G12 warranty.

G12 Value Package: Our greatest guarantee provides preemptive solutions for glass damage. A team member will apply Clear Choiceª glass treatment to your pane and outfit your car with new windshield wipers.

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Trust our specialists to keep your safe with quality windshield repair and replacement. The Glass Doctor of Michigan team makes the process simple by performing your repairs at a time and place that's convenient for you. Fill out our online form to schedule an appointment or call us at 888-516-8133 for more information.