London Car Glass Service and Replacement

If your car windows have developed cracks or been broken, there’s no need to panic. Just call Glass Doctor® of London, ON, to set up fast, professional car glass replacement service with one of our technicians. Broken glass is unsafe to drive with and may make the interior of your car uncomfortable by letting in the weather. Let us return safety and comfort to your vehicle so you can drive with peace of mind.

When you need car glass replacement in London, come to Glass Doctor. Request an estimate to get started.

Car Window Replacement in London, ON

Bring your car in as soon as you notice glass damage. Driving with broken car windows—or even windows with DIY car window repairs—can obstruct your vision and put you in danger.

a male service professional standing beside a white car and looking into driver’s window When you connect with Glass Doctor, we’ll replace:

  • Car door glass. We replace car windows on the passenger and driver’s sides so your peripheral views are clear.
  • Sunroofs and moonroofs. Keep out water, dirt, and debris with overhead glass replacement in mobile and stationary glass car roofs.
  • Quarter glass. We replace the glass that sits behind your rear doors, over the rear tire, also known as quarter glass.
  • Power window regulators. If your car window is stuck down or up, the electrical device that controls the power window function may be worn out or broken. We’ll install a high-quality replacement.

What Happens When We Replace Car Windows?

At Glass Doctor, we care about vehicle safety and our customers’ safety, so we make sure we do the job right. Your technician will replace the vehicle’s window following the industry-standard best practices recommended by the AGSC (Auto Glass Safety Council). This is our basic process:

  1. Remove the interior panel, if necessary, and discard the broken glass and any broken pieces from the window frame.
  2. Peel back the window seal or vapor barrier.
  3. Install new, industry-standard quality glass.
  4. Ensure that the power regulator works (if applicable).
  5. Replace the window seal and/or vapor barrier.
  6. Reinstall any interior fixtures we removed during the installation, such as the door panel.
  7. Check the window for a watertight seal and proper function.

Car Glass Replacement Near Me in London, ON

Glass Doctor of London does car glass replacement right because it makes our roads a better place. We serve the London, Ontario, area, including Kilworth, Nilestown, Dorchester, Ballymote, Ettrick, Three Bridges, and more communities. To have us fix a car window, call (226) 213-4151 or request an estimate online.

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