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Auto Glass Care

A small crack or ding in your windshield can become a safety hazard when it obstructs your view or spreads across your field of vision over time. Your safety is important; that's why Glass Doctor® of London, ON offers a full line of auto glass repair services to help you maintain your vehicle.

Windshield Care

Your windshield is an important factor in your vehicle's overall crash safety. A severely damaged windshield makes your car unsafe to drive. We know that your safety is at stake, so we follow Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS®). Our team does the work quickly and professionally, making certain to include embedded technology, such as antennas and humidity, temperature and rain sensors.

Minor damage is easier to ignore, but that doesn’t mean you should. While small chips and dings may seem minor, they will spread into a network of cracks that reduce your visibility. When possible, we repair your minor windshield damage before it becomes a major safety hazard. It’s an economical process that takes about an hour.

Glass Doctor of London, ON is a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC); we follow industry best practices, match original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, and use AGSC approved adhesives. If your auto policy covers windshield damage, we also help you present a claim to your insurance company.

Auto Glass Replacement

Your vehicle’s window glass, quarter glass and back glass are likely constructed with tempered glass. It’s a safer option for you and your passengers because when damaged, it breaks into chunks instead of dangerous shards. Tempered glass is important to your safety, so when we assess your vehicle's needs and complete the replacements, we follow appropriate guidelines for tempered glass parts and any other safety features.

Auto Glass Protection

When Glass Doctor of London replaces your windshield, we include our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee. When a normal road hazard damages your windshield within 12 months of the original replacement, we repair or replace it. Opt to update your coverage to save on installation costs with our G12 Future Installation package. Additional G12 Guarantee terms and conditions apply to both packages.

At Glass Doctor of London, we believe that keeping your car safe shouldn’t be inconvenient or costly. That’s why we offer a full line of auto glass repair products, 24/7 emergency service and guaranteed windshield replacement. Call 226-680-0741 to schedule your auto glass repair or for more information.