Advance Measurement System

When a window breaks at your business, it is more than an inconvenience. A broken or boarded-up window sends the wrong message to your clients, and detracts from the look of your business. Glass Doctor® of Clovis, NM has the solution: an innovative proactive glass care system that saves your business time and prevents damage to your reputation.

Fast Emergency Repairs

When a window breaks in your business, you want a fast response. Although Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM already has our specialists on call, we speed up the process of your repair with our advance measurement system. Prior to any damage, our team measures and records the specifics of every pane in your building. We note this information on a diagram of your building. When you call, this system significantly decreases your repair time.

When you report a breakage you’ll be able to tell us which pane was broken, and we’ll already know the specifics from our prior inspection. If the pane is in stock we can dispatch a team to make an immediate replacement, and if not we’ll order a replacement and provide an emergency boarding-up service.

No Wait Replacements

If you want to completely avoid waiting for a pane to arrive, we can pre-order important glass so that it’s in-stock whenever you need it. If you do have a break we will dispatch a team to make an immediate repair.

Exclusive Advance Measurement Benefits

Accessing our proactive glass care provides your business with the following benefits:

  • Save money: Less trips to your business means lower repair costs.
  • Quick and easy: Solve your pane problems with minimal hassle.
  • Reduced risk: Reduce the chances of injury to customers or employees.
  • Reduce boarding: Less boarding ensures your business always looks its best.
  • Easy billing: Pre-establish credit to save time and eliminate billing conflicts.

Protect your business today, call the team at Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM to set up your personal proactive glass care program.