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Car Door Window Repair and Car Window Replacement Services

When a car door window shatters or is damaged, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. Aside from uncomfortable conditions caused by a missing or damaged window, the situation can also obstruct the driver’s ability to see the road and spot road hazards in time to avoid collision.

At Glass Doctor®, we understand just how dangerous damaged auto glass can be. We offer 24/7 emergency service to vehicle owners to help keep drivers like you safe and on the road. If you need car door window repair or car door window replacement, choose Glass Doctor.

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Glass Doctor Car Door Window Replacement and Car Window Repair Services

If you’re a commuter, you’ve likely experienced the shock when a rock hits your windshield on the highway. Depending on the damage, you may have even had your windshield repaired or replaced by your local Glass Doctor. But did you know that your car door windows can also suffer from damage?

From a break-in to a stray softball and everything in between – we’ve seen it all. Our technicians aren’t just skilled in replacing windshields, but replacing and repair car door windows, too!

What Types of Car Windows Can Glass Doctor Service?

Have you ever considered just how much of your car is enclosed with glass? At Glass Doctor, our technicians are equipped to repair or replace:

  • Driver Side Windows
    Driver side windows are vital to the safe operation of your vehicle. Without an uninhibited driver side window, it is unsafe to drive your vehicle.
  • Passenger Windows
    Passenger windows aren’t just important for the comfort of your vehicle, but also for safety. For example, the clarity of your front passenger window is vital to using your passenger side mirror for changing lanes or turning.
  • Sunroofs and Moonroofs
    A shattered or damaged sunroof or moonroof can cause further damage to your vehicle by allowing water, dirt or debris to enter the vehicle.
  • Quarter Glass
    You know that small piece of glass found behind the doors and above the rear wheel of your vehicle? It's actually called quarter glass, or a valance window, and we can replace it too!
  • Power Window Regulators
    Modern vehicle windows are controlled by a mechanism called a “power window regulator.” Unfortunately, power window regulators may fail from time to time due to a number of different problems and scenarios. The good news? Your local Glass Doctor is able to repair or replace the power window regulators in your car doors.

What About Front and Rear Windshields?

Need help repairing or replacing your windshield? Learn more about our windshield repair and replacement services by visiting our windshield services page.

Do I Need Car Window Repair or Car Window Replacement?

Whether your windows need to be repaired or replaced depends on the amount of damage they have incurred. If your car window has sustained a large crack or a deep chip, your window will need to be replaced. Typically, a car window that has sustained damage will require replacement rather than repair. But why?

Car windows are made of tempered glass – a type of safety glass that is very strong and designed to shatter into smaller, duller pieces. Further, car windows that are cracked or that have sustained large chips are not always good candidates for repair because the repair may impact the window’s ability to slide up or down.

While it’s less common to repair tempered glass, some windows survive with a small scratch or chip. Car glass repair is less expensive than a complete replacement. The process involves removing debris from the damaged area and creating a smooth pathway for a repair resin. The repair resin is then injected, cured and polished for a seamless finish.

Our Car Window Repair and Car Window Replacement Process

Our car window replacement and car window repair process will vary by:

  • The type of window and window location
  • The extent of the damage

When you choose Glass Doctor, you can trust that your local Glass Doctor technician will thoroughly inspect the damage to your vehicle and make a recommendation to either repair or replace the windows. Depending on the recommendation, your technician will repair or replace your window following industry standard best practices as recommended by the AGSC (Auto Glass Safety Council).

The Glass Doctor Car Window Replacement Process

In general, to replace your car window, your Glass Doctor service professional will:

  1. Carefully remove any broken glass
  2. Remove any glass that is still contained within the window frame – for car doors, this will require removing the interior door panel.
  3. Peel back the window seal or vapor barrier.
  4. Install the new window.
  5. Test the power window regulator.
  6. Replace the window seal and/or vapor barrier.
  7. Re-install the interior door fixtures or panel.

Our Car Window Repair Steps

If your glass technician determines that the crack or chip in your glass can be repaired, your Glass Doctor service expert will:

  1. Remove debris from the impacted area.
  2. Clear and prepare the impacted area using a drill.
  3. Inject a special resin into the damaged area using a tool that attaches to the surface of the glass.
  4. Allow the resin to cure.
  5. Polish the resin to a clear finish.

Do You Offer Mobile Window Replacement or Repair?

Due to the nature of our car window repairs, these services need to be completed in a Glass Doctor shop. This allows our technicians to ensure that the resin used to repair the crack or chip sets properly, free of dust and debris.

Car window replacement services should also be completed in a Glass Doctor shop due to the complexity of removing interior panels. Keeping the interior of car doors clean is paramount as dust and debris may affect the function of the window’s power regulators.

Are Car Window Repairs and Car Window Replacements Covered By My Insurance?

Most vehicle insurance policies do cover car window repair and car window replacement services, but before engaging any services, we recommend contacting your insurance carrier to verify that your policy covers glass services. Glass Doctor works with all major insurance carriers; we can even handle the insurance filing for you.

Find Car Window Replacement Near Me

Glass Doctor operates over 250 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Our local teams understand that car windows rarely chip, crack or break during normal business hours, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services to help you keep your car secure, immediately.

Choose Glass Doctor Car Window Repair and Car Window Replacement Services

Your vehicle should be safe to drive and safe to park! A broken or otherwise damaged car window may make your car dangerous to drive and may leave your vehicle vulnerable to thieves. Don’t wait! If your car windows have sustained damage, choose Glass Doctor to fix your panes.

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