Why Does My Car Window Leak During Rain?

What are the telltale signs of a leaking window seal? And more importantly, how can you fix it? Whether the water is entering through the windshield, door windows or sunroof, there are ways to make your car watertight once again.  

Learn what to look for and how to perform temporary car window leak repairs from the experts at Glass Doctor!

Signs of a Car Window Leak

Identifying if your vehicle has a leak is the first step toward mitigating the problem. Here are a few telltale signs that your car may be leaking during the rain: 

  • Musty smell
  • Wet or damp upholstery
  • Humidity inside vehicle
  • Water marks or stains
  • Water pooling (in trunk, along floorboards, etc.)

Where Is the Water Coming From?

Now that you’ve confirmed water is leaking into the vehicle, try and determine where the water is entering. Be thorough when inspecting, and run through this checklist to help find the source of leak:

  • Follow the Trail

Scan the interior for water stains, trails or rust marks. The streaking could lead you back to where the water enters in the first place.

  • Windshield Woes

Have you recently had your windshield repaired or replaced? A poorly installed windshield is a common cause of water entering a vehicle. This is even more suspect if it was recently replaced, as it may have not been seated and/or sealed correctly, which can result in dashboard or floor puddles.

  • Busted Body Seams

Has your car been damaged recently? Did you purchase it used? Seams that were improperly installed or possibly damaged in an auto accident could cause water to seep into the vehicle.

  • Warped Weather Stripping

Over time, the rubber weather stripping on the interior of windows, doors and even truck tailgates can wear out and become susceptible to leaks. Look for weather stripping that shows signs of wear in your hunt for the leak.

  • Clogged Drain Hose

Did you know that your sunroof has a drain hose? While sunroofs are installed to be watertight, drain hoses are installed as a backup. These hoses are designed to collect any water that enters through the sunroof and help it exit through a different part of the vehicle. If these hoses become clogged, water may enter the vehicle from around the sunroof.

Car Window Leak Repair

Once you’ve managed to locate the leak and determine its cause, it’s time to mitigate the damage. For a busted body seam, you can try to use a seam sealer.

First, clean the affected area and then apply a liberal amount of the repairing adhesive. If the issue is emanating from the windshield, you may also be able to apply clear packaging tape along the seams to help reduce leakage.

Unfortunately, seam sealer won’t work for all leaks and packaging tape is meant only as a temporary fix. The vehicle should be brought into a professional, like your local Glass Doctor, to permanently correct the issue.

Let Glass Doctor Fix Your Windshield Panes

Driving a car with a damp floor or dashboard will put anyone in a foul mood. Likely due to worn weather stripping or an improperly installed windshield, water leaking into a vehicle can be a real headache. While there are sealants to help mitigate the issue, in the end they’re only a temporary fix.

If you’ve got water leaking in your ride, it’s time for some professional intervention. Call the experts at Glass Doctor today at (833) 365-2927 or request an estimate online, and we’ll have your windshield watertight again in no time!