Glass Services for Home, Auto & Business

The service professionals at your local Glass Doctor® are the answer to your glass replacement, repair, and customization needs. Our teams can help you with everything from completing home improvement projects to securing your home during a glass emergency.

If you’re a business owner, your local Glass Doctor offers programs to improve your commercial glass replacement and repair experience. We work to make your panes perfect. When it comes to your vehicle, there’s no need to risk driving with damaged glass. We can repair or replace your windshield and car windows to ensure your safety.

Whether we are servicing the glass in your home, business, or on your vehicle, we provide you with professional service that you can rely on.

Home Glass Services

In addition to high-quality residential glass repair and replacement services, we have options to help your home windows and glass last, including:

Count on our team of experts to ensure your residential glass needs are met. Schedule an appointment online today.

Auto Glass Services

Our auto glass services extend the life of your vehicle’s glass while keeping you and your family safe. Here are just a few of the benefits we offer:

Don’t let damaged glass put the brakes on your car usage. Contact your local Glass Doctor service professional today.

Business Glass Services

Our commercial glass repair and replacement services go beyond fixing and replacing your business’s glass doors and windows. We also have the following preventative services available so that your business stays secure:

  • Security film to strengthen your windows in case brute force is applied
  • The Advanced Measurement System records detailed measurements of the glass in your establishment for quick replacement in case it becomes damaged or broken
  • Door closer repair services at select locations to maintain your doors’ hinges, locks, and other parts essential to keeping your business secure

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FAQs about Our Glass Services

Does the Glass Doctor location near me offer auto glass repair?

The services offered at each Glass Doctor vary by location. Contact the Glass Doctor team near you to find out what services and benefits are offered.

Where can I find a price list for each Glass Doctor service?

The cost of the service, along with associated labor and materials, depends on which Glass Doctor location you choose. Find the one nearest you to schedule an onsite consultation.