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Let's Talk Glass: Emergency Board Up Services

A brick house with boarded up windows and doors

When a destructive storm like a hurricane hits your area, you must be ready for the worst. In preparation for severe weather, many homeowners chose to board up their windows and doors. This often protects the glass from high winds and flying debris, allowing the homeowner to return once the storm has passed, take down the boards, and return to life as usual.

Sometimes, the emergency strikes too suddenly or the homeowner chooses not to pursue pre-storm board-up services. When the sky begins to clear, you may discover broken glass and a home exposed to the elements. This is the time to schedule emergency board up services and begin putting the pieces of your life back together.

What Does Emergency Board Up Service Entail?

Glass Doctor® is available 24/7 to provide emergency board up services and home glass repair. When you call us, we come to your home with plywood to board up your windows, along with standard replacement materials in case the damage is minor enough that we can repair your windows on the spot.

If the damage is too extensive, we board up the area until a custom window replacement is ordered. We also clean up the area around the broken window to ensure no one is hurt by stray shards of glass on the ground. Our technicians perform emergency board up and window repairs and replacements according to industry best practices. Our goal is to complete the first phase of your recovery after a natural disaster like a hurricane.

Benefits of Post-Storm Emergency Board Up Services

Because disasters can strike so suddenly, the most common time to request emergency board up is after the storm has blown over. While the chance to save your windows has passed by this point, it’s still worthwhile to request post-storm emergency board up services. Here’s why:

  • Prevent additional storm damage: If a storm blows your windows out, your home is now exposed to the elements. More water damage is likely if the severe weather picks up again. Boarded up windows keep the rain out to help ease your recovery process.
  • Keep intruders out: People become desperate if their homes are destroyed during a natural disaster. Passersby who see your broken windows may take this as an invitation to help themselves to your belongings. Boarded up windows increase the security factor until you can have the broken windows replaced.
  • Increase insurance eligibility: Because boarded up windows help prevent your home from sustaining further damage from bad weather or intruders, many homeowners insurance policies require this service for your claim to be valid. You increase your chance of full coverage if you can prove you boarded up the windows as soon as possible following a natural disaster.
  • Reduce your liability risk: If children, concerned neighbors, or even thieves enter your home, they could become injured in the unstable environment, leaving you liable for their injuries. To protect yourself from litigation, make it harder for anyone to enter your home by boarding up broken windows after a natural disaster.

Emergency Board Up Services & Glass Repair from Glass Doctor

The purpose of emergency board up is to temporarily protect your home. However, the sooner you can replace your broken windows, the better. That’s why Glass Doctor offers these services rolled into one. We can board up your home and place an order for replacement windows in the same visit, shortening your recovery period so you can return to life as usual before long.

Our professional solutions are only a phone call away! Contact us today to schedule the emergency board up and glass repair services you need.

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