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How to Childproof Your Windows and Glass Doors

Small child standing next to an open glass door.

Accidental injuries stand as a leading cause of serious hospitalizations for children in America, with many injuries occurring in the home. Though it may not be feasible to eliminate accidents entirely, parents can reduce some risk factors around the house by childproofing their windows and glass doors.

While safety is often a parents’ key concern when childproofing windows in their home, doing so can also bring with it some other benefits if done right. With that in mind, there are several options to consider when trying to make windows and glass doors safer for kids.

Repair or Replace Old Glass

As windows and glass doors age, their components degrade. Wooden frames can rot and become weak and brittle, lock mechanisms can stick, rendering them ineffective. On top of that, older windows may also have issues with drafts or leaks, which will make them less energy efficient.

Identifying old windows to fix and replace can be an effective, easy childproofing starting point. Along with making your home safer for kids, new windows may help increase your home’s value, making it a smart investment as well. For older homes with irregular window and door shapes, custom glass options make replacement easy.

Double-Pane Glass

In many older houses, it’s not unusual to find single-pane windows and glass doors. Replacing them with double-pane glass can be another worthwhile childproofing method. Single-pane windows tend to be older, and therefore are more likely to have wear or damage that requires repair or replacement.

Double-pane glass also promotes better insulation. So, in addition to being safer, upgrading your windows and glass doors can help reduce energy bills, particularly in the winter and summer.

Childproof Locks

If a window is too easy for kids to open, it poses a risk to a curious child. While it may seem like a standard window lock is enough to keep it shut, a clever kid can easily learn to open a lock and then the window. That’s where a childproof window lock becomes useful.

Child safety window locks come in several designs, so whether a window lifts, slides, or cranks open, it is easy to find a lock that works for you. Generally, it’s best to make a window or glass door more difficult to operate, preventing children from opening it by themselves.

Window Guards

Window guards typically resemble a set of metal bars that go across a window. Fixed to the outside of a home, they keep children from climbing through an open window. Since they allow windows to stay open, window guards may be a preferable alternative to locks, particularly for letting in fresh air in the spring and summer. For parents who don’t like the look of bar window guards, mesh window guards present another solution.

Mesh Window Guards

Sporting a more subtle design, mesh window guards are popular with parents looking for a more aesthetic option. Rather than metal bars, mesh window guards look like window screens, barely visible from a distance. The tighter mesh also has the bonus of preventing children from accidentally dropping toys and other objects out of a window.

Window Stoppers

Another effective way to prevent children from opening a window is with a window stopper. Because they are easy to install and can be used in a wide range of window designs and sizes, window stoppers have a great deal of versatility. Plus, they can be customized to allow a window to open only a certain amount or not at all.

By fixing a window stopper to a window, parents can rest easy, knowing their children won’t be able to open a window wide enough to climb out. Their easy installation also allows them to be removed easily by an adult should the need to open the window arise.

Window and Door Alarms

Alarms that sound when windows or doors open offer another effective child safety mechanism. Motion sensing alarms notify parents as soon as a door or window comes open, helping to avoid accidental falls and adventurous children wandering off.

Door and window alarms offer another benefit beyond making a house safer for kids. A glass door or window alarm going off could even alert homeowners to the presence of an unwanted intruder.

Childproof Blinds

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, cords from blinds and other window covers pose a serious strangulation threat to children. While tying up loose cords or ensuring they are anchored to the wall may reduce these risks, cordless childproof blinds present an even safer alternative.

Childproof window blinds work like typical blinds and, in some cases, bring with them added convenience. Features like motorization and the ability to be controlled by remote or smartphone eliminate the need to manually adjust the cord while also removing the strangle hazard.

Childproof Windowsills

Although windowsills are an area that presents potential dangers to children, they can be made safer with a few adjustments. Padding any sharp corners can help prevent injuries. You can also make sure to keep tables, vases, or anything children can climb on away from windows to make them less accessible.

If there are objects displayed on the windowsill, they can also be hazardous. Make sure not to set anything too heavy that can be easily knocked or pulled down from a windowsill. Lastly, if anything rests on a windowsill doily, make sure it is out of reach of children.

Keep Your Home and Windows Updated

Creating a safe environment for young children requires vigilance and planning. Updating your home with childproof locks on cabinets, windows, and doors is a terrific way to reduce the risk of accidents. If you have windows, mirrors, or glass doors that are outdated and need to be replaced or repaired, contact the glass professionals at your local Glass Doctor. We can help update, replace, and repair the glass in your home. To learn more, call 833-974-0209 or schedule an appointment online today.