How Much Do New Windows Increase Home Value?

Room with window seat surrounded by large windows

Before you put your home on the market, take an honest look at your asset. What needs to be updated? What needs to be replaced? Some home investments can net you an ROI that makes your efforts worth it. Your home’s windows might be key to getting the asking price for your home.

Window Replacement ROI

Renovations are a key step to take before listing most homes. On average, sellers in the US make an average of 2.2 renovations before listing their property, with 78% of sellers making at least one improvement.

Windows are a priority for buyers who may be examining the immediate asking price and the long-term costs of ownership. That may be why energy-efficient windows are considered desirable by more than 90% of home buyers, according to the National Association of Home Builders.

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Should I Replace My Windows Before Selling My House?

Before considering how much value windows add, think about how much value they might detract. If your windows are in rough shape, buyers see immediate repairs and are likely to put in an offer under asking price or ask you to repair or replace the windows before signing on the dotted line.

Old and broken windows can be a detriment to your sale:

  1. Broken windows. Replace windows with broken or cracked glass, missing or broken locks, or windows that won’t open. Inoperable windows can even cause your home to fail inspection.

  1. Old windows. Old windows with single-pane glass or worn seals are less energy efficient, allowing in more cold air during winter and more hot air in summer. This can increase energy costs over time that new buyers may not wish to inherit.

The Value of Energy Efficiency in Real Estate

According to one recent study, 56% of potential home buyers said that energy efficiency was an “extremely or very important” consideration for their new purchase. In addition to energy-efficient HVAC equipment and insulation, windows impact your monthly energy bills and comfort level. If you choose to upgrade your windows, double-paned or ones that meet Energy Star standards for energy efficiency are a great option.

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Is It Worth Replacing Windows Before Selling a House?

Most home renovation projects don’t pay for themselves immediately. The average return on investment for new windows is about 72% when installing energy-efficient options. With that in mind, home sellers can evaluate whether the cost to replace windows before selling their hour is the best investment, or if other renovation projects offer a better ROI.

Depending on the type of window you purchase, the number of windows you need to replace, and the costs of installation, each homeowner must balance the cost with their return on investment. Since the average ROI of window replacement is about 73%, you might decide it’s best to replace all your windows at once.

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Make Your Window Upgrade with Glass Doctor

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