Custom Glass Shelves & Tabletops in Victoria, BC

Custom glass tabletops bring the ambiance in a home up a notch instantly. You'll create an aesthetic sure to wow family and friends while preserving your furniture and making cleaning simple and stress free. Glass Doctor® of Victoria, BC has ample experience assisting local residents in designing a wide range of custom glass solutions from high end dining room tables to antique writing desks.

Our Glass Expertise is Your Advantage

Graphic of different glass edges

Our glass experts have the knowledge and experience to provide professional consulting services for our clients. During a consultation, we take the necessary measurements to fit and replace tabletop glass. Then we work closely with you to determine the ideal thickness, edgework detail and glass tint for the project at hand. We'll also address any potential safety issues which may arise from a heavier glass piece. Custom glass tabletops work beautifully for dining room tables, coffee tables, writing desks, antique furniture and conference room tables. We offer a wide selection of sizes, shapes and finished edgings to design one-of-a-kind pieces for every Victoria customer. Our glass team helps clients decide which features best suit their needs, preferences and budget.

Added Protection for Glass Components

  • Tinted glass: Tinted glass helps shield prized-pieces from hazardous UV rays, limiting the effects of solar fade over time.
  • Safety glass: Shower doors and certain types of outdoor furniture, such as poolside tables and patio chairs, require specialty glass. Choose laminated or tempered glass to keep adults and children safe in the event of glass breakage.

Custom Shelving

Custom shelves offer form and function that you're hard pressed to find elsewhere. You'll improve the ambiance in your home or business, increase its functionality and reduce clutter.

Visual Appeal

We offer a wide selection of style features for our custom shelving. Our specialists help clients create distinctive statement shelves which are a step above store-bought options.


Custom shelving keeps your home or business organized while contributing to the style of the space. From kitchens to conference rooms, we review the following design specs to help you create the perfect shelves for your given space.

  • Style and design: to heighten the aesthetic in the room
  • Height and configuration: to maximize the available space
  • Number of shelves and distance between shelves: to accommodate the given space and stored items
  • Glass, tinting and colour options: to fit your personal style and needs

To learn more about our custom glass tabletops or to schedule your onsite consultation, fill out our online request form or call 250-483-1104.