Custom Glass Solutions in Victoria, BC

Giving your home gorgeous bespoke touches is as simple choosing the custom glass decor which best suits your functional and aesthetic needs. Glass Doctor® of Victoria, BC makes this simple with in-home consultations and glass experts who guide you through each step of the process. Our custom solutions aren't only beautiful, they add more value to your home than the products available at retail locations.

Custom Glass Decor Options

Glass Shelves and Tabletops

A simple yet effective way to incorporate custom glass decor in your home is with glass shelves and tabletops. Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC cuts glass to a variety of sizes for new and existing pieces of furniture using your preferred type of glass. When designing glass shelves, a specialist will make suggestions regarding the best glass lengths and spacing considerations to maximize your storage capabilities. Glass shelves and tabletops are available in a variety of tints, shapes and edge designs to give you a tailored look you won't find elsewhere.

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors give your home instant elegance, create the illusion of space and enhance lighting without consuming energy. While mirrors are readily available at retailers, Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC makes mirrors to your exact specifications in the shapes you desire. The ability to design your own custom glass decor saves time, as you won't have to spend countless hours online or at stores which don't carry what you seek.

Custom Glass Doors

Increase your home's curb appeal with a custom glass door. If you already own a glass door, revitalize its look with Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC renovation services. During your in-home consultation, a glass specialist will review the options available and provide suggestions regarding the best types of glass to use in a door, such as tempered or impact-resistant glass.

Low-Emissivity Windows

Give your windows an affordable upgrade with new Low-E panes on new or existing windows. Low-E coats protect your home from solar damage; their metallic, reflective properties block harmful UV rays which fade and discolour furniture, drapes, flooring, art, photos and other items. In addition to blocking the sun's rays, Low-E windows also reflect heat, keeping your home more comfortable and energy efficient throughout the year.

Schedule an In-Home Consultations

From new glass shower doors to floor-to-ceiling mirrors, Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC delivers quality custom glass decor which always includes an onsite consultation with a glass specialist. These services ensure you receive a custom piece which is safe for your family, lasts years and is immediately functional. The idea of having custom glass decor in your home doesn't have to be a fantasy. Schedule a consultation with Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC today to learn how simple it is to give your home added beauty.