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Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops and custom shelving are two ways to instantly transform any room of your home, adding lightness, brightness and versatility. Glass Doctor® of The Tri Cities will help you choose the right project, design and products to easily transform your Pasco home.

Glass Table Tops

In addition to their beauty, custom glass table tops help protect your furniture from nicks, stains, condensation, and other damage. They’re easy to clean and make any room look larger. Decorate them any way you’d like, or add glass items like vases for even more sparkle. Our specialists will help design a unique, custom table top to perfectly suit your needs while making sure that your table will safely support the size and weight of the glass. We offer a variety of ways to customize your table top with creative shapes and beautiful edgework detail. Our specialists will help you choose the right type of glass to suit your needs, such as tinted glass that helps block the sun’s UV rays or laminated glass in outdoor areas or homes with young children.

Custom glass table tops can be utilized for many different types of furniture in any room, including:

  • Dining room tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Kitchen tables
  • Nightstands
  • Desks
  • End tables
  • Antique furniture
  • Conference room tables
  • Patio tables

Custom Shelving

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom glass shelving adds beauty and function to your home or business. It makes a dramatic and stunning design statement of its own, while seamlessly blending into any environment. Glass shelving showcases your belongings, complementing any style of decor. It enhances more modern styles while adding a lighter, brighter touch to more traditional decor.

Glass shelving can be used in any room, including:

A kitchen: as stand-alone shelves, or in cabinets

A bathroom: to add a clean, crisp look while providing valuable storage area

A dining room: to beautifully hold and display dishes, glassware, and serving pieces

A bedroom, living room or den: to display cherished objects

A home or business office: to elegantly hold books or other heavy objects while adding an uncluttered, lighter look

A closet: to store and organize items in an attractive, visible way while adding an often-needed touch of light and openness.

In a partition between rooms: to help open up the space while still allowing for separation

Our custom glass specialists will help you determine the following to ensure that your custom glass shelving perfectly suits your style and needs:

  • Style, design, color, tint, edging, and other custom options
  • Height and configuration
  • Number of shelves and the distance between the shelves

Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of The Tri Cities for a free consultation today. Our specialists will visit your home or business at your convenience to talk with you about your needs and preferences. We’d love to help you design the perfect glass tables and shelving to enhance your Pasco home or business.