Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Renew your living room, dining room and office with gorgeous glass tabletops. Glass Doctor® of Olympia cuts custom tabletops to preserve existing furniture and provide an elegant ambiance in every area of your home. Expect new glass additions to brighten your interior and keep cleaning simple with a smooth, transparent finish.

Request a professional consultation from one of our glass experts. Every specialist possesses the industry expertise to measure and perform professional glass repair and tabletop replacement services. During your consultation, we assess your home or business for the best matches in tabletop specifications. Expect practical suggestions on edgework detail, thickness and tinting to point you in the right direction. Each recommendation always avoids potential heavy glass safety hazards.

Glass Tabletop Solutions

Our custom glass tabletops are perfect for:

  • Antique furniture and heirlooms
  • Conference room tables
  • Kitchen tables
  • Worktables/desks
  • Coffee tables

Extra Protection

Protect your family and shield valuable furniture using tinted or safety glass. We enhance home security with industry trusted, cost-efficient panels.

Tinted glass: Stop penetrating UV rays and rising energy costs with a single glass tinting investment.

Safety glass: Install specialty glass on patio and poolside tables to prevent any outdoor glass related injuries. Outdoor furniture can feature an umbrella hole if you prefer. Likewise, choose to use specialty glass on shower doors for a completed bathroom. Glass Doctor of Olympia offers tempered and laminated glass, guaranteed to break into large, safe pieces upon impact. Contact our team for immediate glass repair, replacement and disposal.

Custom Shelving

Graphic of different glass edges

Organize in style using custom glass shelving. We optimize your home or office storage options with glass pieces beautifully cut to individual size specifications. Take satisfaction in knowing your custom display outshines every store-bought alternative.

Beauty and Purpose

Choose custom shelving details from an extensive style selection sure to meet any budget. No matter the design requirements, newly installed shelving engages family and friends immediately upon entering the room. In addition, each shelf adds plenty of storage space. Rely on our experienced glass specialists to design and install the perfect piece for any room. We put form and function into custom glass shelving using:

Sophisticated design: Wow visitors with an elegant home addition.

Shelving height: Avoid wasted wall space with precise measurements.

Configuration: Determine what you’ll display/store to design a piece with appropriately distanced shelves.

Glass tinting and color: Splash on color to coordinate with surrounding home decor.

Serving Lacey, Shelton, Tumwater and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Olympia delivers complete glass repair and renovations for every interior and exterior need. Call 360-339-6380 or complete an online service request form to start designing custom shelving or a new glass tabletop. Our glass experts remain available for any questions concerning current work orders or our range of glass services.