Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Infuse a flair of function and elegance into home or business with custom glass tabletops from Glass Doctor® of Michigan. Our specialists offer decades of experience creating inspirational custom glass tabletops designed uniquely for your space. We create custom solutions that will captivate visitors, redefine your home, preserve your furniture and make cleaning a cinch.

Our Expertise is Your Advantage

Our specialists will design custom glass tabletops to replace worn out pieces or reinvigorate your home design. We offer complimentary in-home consultations where we guide you toward the best possible decision. During the meeting, we discuss glass tint, thickness, edgework detail options and other important details.

At Glass Doctor of Michigan, we provide total solutions. Our custom glass tabletops are excellent for:

  • Protecting antique furniture
  • Making cleaning dining room tables easier
  • Preventing stains on coffee tables
  • Creating smoother surfaces on writing desks
  • Adding elegance to conference room tables

We can customize any of our tabletops with an expansive array of finished edgings, sizes and shapes to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Consult with one of our experts to determine the best option for your needs.

Custom Shelving

Choose custom shelving from Glass Doctor of Michigan for an unparalleled display of style and function. Since the shelves are made uniquely for your home or business, it's the ideal way to reduce clutter and accommodate your belongings. If you are looking to create a new focal piece in a room, our custom shelf configurations are an excellent option. The shelves make a powerful statement and attract the eyes of your visitors. When designing your custom shelves, the specialists at Glass Doctor of Michigan consider a variety of factors, including:

  • Design and style for bolstered ambiance
  • Configuration and height to minimize wasted space
  • The number of shelves and space between each shelf to prevent storage snafus and overpowering the room
  • Color, tinting, and glass options to mirror your needs and style

Extra Glass Protection

Some of our most popular glass protection options include:

  • Tinted glass helps protect your furniture and prevent fading by blocking out harmful UV rays.
  • Safety and specialty glass are an excellent solution for upgrading poolside piece, patio tables, and other outdoor furniture. We provide several measurement and customization services for specialty glass, including laminated and tempered glass. In addition to infusing functionality and aesthetic value, our safety glass uniquely protects adults and children from glass breakage. We also install specialty glass for an indoor shower door.

Add Style to Your Space

Trust the experts at Glass Doctor of Michigan to deliver personalized home decor solutions. Whether you need custom glass tabletops, window repair and installation, or custom shelves, we offer the expertise to create a one-of-a-kind solution. Contact Glass Doctor of Michigan today to request your free in-home consultation.