Whether you are renovating an existing, stand-alone shower door or tub enclosure, your local Glass Doctor can help. Our glass experts will help you select the shower door or tub enclosure that best fits your bathroom. We offer both frame and frameless doors for showers and tub stalls. For an upscale look, Glass Doctor® offers custom glass enclosures and decorative glass door designs.

Schedule an In-Home Consultation

When you schedule an in-home appointment with our specialists, we begin by inspecting the entire bathroom area, including your current shower or tub enclosure. We then measure the three most important points of the enclosure: top, middle and bottom. Our glass experts will then draw a detailed floor plan for your shower or tub enclosure. Finally, we will determine the necessary framing structure for your future bathroom renovation.

Mounting Assessment

An important first step in creating your new enclosure is to decide what material should be used for the foundation. We recommend marble, wood, tile and sheetrock for the supporting structure.

Remember that heavy glass shower doors and tub enclosures cannot be supported by lightweight supporting materials. It is important to be aware of this beforehand so we can give you the best set of options that suit your bathroom remodeling needs and help you stick to your budget.

Glass Thickness and Patterns

The width of your glass door determines the amount of pattern or etching that can be done. Complex relief and dimensional designs require thicker glass. Your Glass Doctor specialist will help you select your glass thickness to coordinate with your customized design.

Header Frame and Finish Color

If a framed shower or tub enclosure is selected, the next step is to select the top header frame design and finish color. We offer a wide array of beautiful designs and finish colors that complement the fixtures in your bathroom. Whether it’s a modern, contemporary or classical look you are after, your glass experts can help find the design that’s perfect for you.

Hardware Selection

Let our wide variety of hardware catalogs help you coordinate handles, hinges and towel racks in your new oasis. Glass Doctor experts can help you find shower heads, faucets, drawer knobs and other bathroom fixtures that are sure to complement your new bathroom design.

Glass Protection

When your shower or tub enclosure is complete, we recommend that you use a hydrophobic glass protectant to prevent hard water stains. We know you don’t want to make an investment only to see it damaged by unsightly water stains in a matter of months.

Our specialists can install our hydrophobic protectant, which bonds to the glass, forming a barrier against soap scum and mineral deposits. A hydrophobic glass protectant is the proven way to make sure your bathroom always shines.

Your New Bathroom

After your consultation, your glass expert will have all the information needed to customize your new glass shower or tub enclosure. From there, all you need to do is schedule an appointment for installation. Trust the Glass Doctor to turn your inspirations into reality.