Custom Cut Glass

For amazing, custom glass solutions to meet your custom cut glass and home decor desires, Glass Doctor® of Clovis, NM has the experience and expertise you deserve to get the job done right. Our custom glass solutions include shelves, ornate table tops, beautiful French doors, mirrors and more. Our glass specialists also offer low-emissivity (Low-E) glass panes to protect your furniture and upholstery from destructive UV rays. Regardless of your style, we will install suitable glass decor that enhances and brightens your home.

Custom Glass Decor Options

Glass Table Tops and Shelves

Our seasoned team of specialists can cut custom glass table tops to fit furniture of virtually any size or shape. Our custom glass solutions for shelves and tables give space a contemporary appearance. The subtle additions are easy to clean and durable.

Allow our team to provide an in-home consultation to help you determine the thickness of glass needed, tinting, edgework and other details pertaining to your custom glass table top. For especially sensitive furniture, applying a coat of tinting is often a good decision. UV rays will cause wood surfaces to age and fade. To ensure your new custom table top is child and pet-friendly, discuss laminated or tempered glass options with our specialists.

Custom Mirrors

Create depth in otherwise cramped spaces with the help of strategically placed, beautiful custom mirrors. Mirrors add to the creative ambiance of your home and improve the movement of light throughout each room. Our glass specialists are more than happy to offer advice in regards to mirror size, shape, and placement. We also offered frames for mirrors to complement existing decor.

Patio and French Doors

Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM, will fix stuck sliding doors, replace broken door panes and install new glass doors. Glass doors allow light to enter your home, create a visual bridge to outside and improve your curb appeal. To ensure high-efficiency performance, our specialists will install panes suitable to your needs. Options include:

  • Impressively decorated glass flanked by matching side windows
  • Double-pane units complete with sliding blinds
  • Weather-resistant glass, meeting or exceeding regulatory standards
  • Laminated glass inserts
  • Energy-efficient glass options

Thanks to our ongoing relationship with today's most trusted vendors, Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM, is able to order a wide array of door glass quickly, ready to be installed during a time that works best for you.

Low-E Glass Windows

Protect your home's interior with Low-E panes. The glass protects your home from harmful UV rays and glare in much the same way sunglasses work to protect your eyes. Low-E glass is coated with a thin layer of metallic, reflective material that minimizes the transmission of visible light. Reducing UV ray transmission solves a myriad of issues. UV rays can cause upholstery to crack, wood surfaces to fade and damage fabrics over time. However, the most advantageous aspect of Low-E windows is the potential savings in annual energy costs. Use Low-E windows to maintain a consistent indoor climate without compromising the transmission of natural light.

To learn more about how our custom glass solutions can benefit your Clovis home, contact Glass Doctor of Clovis, NM, today over the phone or fill out a simple service request online.