Will Window Film Reduce My Energy Bill?

A sliding glass door in a kitchen
  • Yes! When used correctly window film can lower your energy bill
  • The films can appear crystal clear; yet still provide protection against the sun
  • Window film can also reduce glare and provide fade protection for fabric and upholstery

Does window insulation film work? The short answer is yes: When used correctly window film can lower your energy bill. But don’t start applying just any kind of film to your windows. There are many different types of window films – also called window tint, if opaque or reflective – each specific to certain purposes. Window film can be used for decoration, energy efficiency, security and privacy. With so many options, it’s important homeowners use the correct window film for the intended use and that it’s applied correctly, with care.

How Does Window Film Insulation Work?

Window films are metallized or dyed during the manufacturing process. These molecules react with sunlight and reject incoming UV light that would otherwise heat up a room or fade furniture. In colder climates, window films are applied on the interior glass to help contain solar heat.  

Over time, window films have become increasingly effective thanks to technological advancements. Modern ceramic window films are somewhat more expensive but they more than make up for it in durability and efficiency.

Window Film Application in Homes

Energy- saving window film is applied to exterior windows to prevent solar heat gain, helping to keep your home cool in the summer. UV window film helps reduces glare for viewers looking through the glass and provides fade protection for furniture, carpet and upholstery.

In older homes with single-pane windows, window film is a more economical option than upgrading to energy-efficient insulated glass. Window film can also be used for privacy or decoration in shower doors or glass pane separators.

Homeowners can also change the exterior appearance of windows by adding reflective or tinted film for a unique look. These films often come with the added benefits of UV protection, energy efficiency, or glare reduction depending on the film and manufacturer.

When used for security purposes, the window film applied is significantly thicker and helps make the glass stronger and keeps the shards intact in the event the pane is broken.

Consult Your Window Film Professionals

Not all window films are suitable for all glass, and it can be hard to decide what you need. Talk to your local Glass Doctor about window film installation. We can also install the best option for your home and give your windows a professional result that will look great and save you money for years.

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