The Importance of Egress Window Well Covers

Egress window wells enhance your home if you have spaces that are below the ground, such as basement bedrooms and other living areas. It’s also usually part of the emergency escape code for having such rooms.

While window wells are very valuable, they can also be problematic. If designed or constructed poorly, they can be a conduit for water to flow into your home. They can also fill with vegetation and, in some cases, become home to small animals.

Nothing is quite like going down to the basement to find water flooding through the windows or a raccoon trapped in the window well. Read on for more about the importance of egress window well covers.

What Is an Egress Window Well?

Egress window wells are U-shaped plastic or metal products that line the hole that allows light and air flow into below-grade basement windows. They can vary in size, and their construction is subject to local building codes. An egress window well cover is often made of a type of hard, shatterproof plastic.

Why Are Egress Window Well Covers Important? 

Egress window well covers are important for a variety of reasons:

  • Window wells allow air and light into your basement. Window well covers allow your basement windows to do this by protecting them from weather and debris.
  • Windows at or below grade can deteriorate quickly when exposed to the elements. Window well covers act as a storm barrier for basement windows.
  • Energy experts have discovered that window well covers conserve energy and save money. Unprotected and damaged windows aren’t great at keeping in temperature-controlled air.
  • Window well covers keep pets, wild animals, children’s toys and more from your window well.

How to Install Window Well Covers


  • Window well cover – choose a cover that’s slightly bigger than the window well itself
  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Permanent marker

Before you begin, be sure to check with local authorities to ensure that installing covers follows code.


  1. Center the window well cover over the window well.
  2. Mark the placement of the cover by making dots with a permanent marker on the protective film where clips should be installed (perhaps as indicated by the marks from the manufacturer).
  3. Slide the cover off center to drill the holes where you have marked to install the clips.
  4. Peel back any protective film a bit and affix the screw and any nuts or bolts up through the clip and the cover.
  5. Tighten the screw from below the cover with a screwdriver. This level will be adjustable later if needed.
  6. You’re now ready to remove all protective film from the cover and snap the cover into place on the window well. And your home will thank you for it.

Call Glass Doctor for All Your Egress Window Needs 

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A well-maintained egress window well with cover will help prevent water from entering your basement. Learn other tips for keeping your basement dry, from our friends at Rainbow International: 5 Ways to Prevent a Soggy Basement Disaster. Like Glass Doctor, Rainbow International is part of the Neighborly family of trusted home services professionals.