The Differences Between Bow vs. Bay Windows

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Bay and bow windows both add more space, natural light and extraordinary outdoor views to your home, but what is the difference between the two? If you’re looking to add a bay or bow window to your home, let Glass Doctor® help you on the journey.

Take the first step by learning the difference between the two, and figuring out which one would be the best for your home!

How to Tell The Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows

There are many similarities between bay and bow windows, however there are also some very distinct differences. Dive-in to find out the building blocks of what separates one window type from the other:

  • What is a bay window?
    • It’s one large picture window with two smaller panes on either side (usually three panes).
    • It protrudes from the house structure.
    • It adds square footage to the home.
    • It creates a more modern look and feel to a home.
  • What is a bow window?
    • It has four or more panes of the same size arranged in a rounded shape.
    • It can be used to create a turret effect on a corner of the home for wide-angle views.
    • It’s most often associated with Victorian-style houses.

The Pros and Cons of Bay Windows

Most of us have heard of – and sincerely admire – bay windows. From the natural light to reading nooks, bay windows provide many dreamed-about home qualities. But, how do the pros and cons of bay windows stack up to bow windows?

  • Pros of bay windows
    • Less expensive and easier to install than bow windows, as bay windows have fewer panes
    • Protrude further, adding more interior floor space
    • The space they create can be transformed into an additional seating area
  • Cons of bay windows
    • Not as wide as bow windows, creating more limited views
    • Provide less natural light than bow windows

The Pros and Cons of Bow Windows

Bow windows provide several home benefits such as unmatched wide-angle views, but there are some aspects that hugely differ from bay windows. How do the pros and cons of bow windows compare to bay windows?

  • Pros of bow windows
    • Receive views from two sides of the home
    • Allow more light into the home due to having more panes
    • Provides uninterrupted panoramic views via a narrow exterior profile
  • Cons of bow windows
    • More expensive than bay windows, as bow windows contain at least four panes
    • More complex installation than bay windows

Despite their differences, bay and bow windows are both wonderful additions that bring incredible views and amounts of natural light to your home.

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